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It's been good so far, Misty is my girl. Here's a nice write up on Fearless Defenders But as far as the Wonder Woman thing goes, Amazons have been around before Diana hit town. 

My thing is where is her twin sister Nubia in the DC universe? Why isn't she represented with the rest of the women of DC. If she was maybe Wendy Williams would have Nubia's cup sitting on her table showing the whole world this is who she relates herself to and as.

I know nobody really know who Nubia is so here you go.

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I'm insulted that Black people can't get behind at least one superhero and make him respected on the  same level as superman or   Batman. Django did that all by his lonesome, or did Tarantino do it?

As much money that's floating around in Black Hollywood and the such, we could have already done a western with one of our historical heroes already  (Nat Love, Isom Dart etc.) or an OC that we all have tucked off waiting to be shared with the world.

Django is a superhero, gunslinger that can stand next to Zorro, Lone Ranger, the Phantom, Jonah Hex or anybody else. So how can anybody have anything to say negative that can outweigh the magnificent.

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The 3rd season really turned it up. The guys have become exactly the tight knit group I knew they could be. Did a post about it, check it out.
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