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An individual may be cited for driving too slowly. Typically, the traffic ticket will read: “Below Minimum Speed”. Many states have laws mandating a minimum driving speed on freeways and highways. Most of these states demand that slow drivers stay in the farthest right lane, thereby causing traffic to pass on the left hand side.
Traffic safety officials have warned of slow-driver dangers for many years. In multiple studies, slow drivers increase both their own risk of collisions as well as other drivers’ risks of automobile crashes. The research shows that drivers going the median speed of all traffic – not the actual speed limit – have the lowest risk of collision.
Put differently, if the flow of traffic is going slightly above the highway speed limit, an individual may be at less of a risk if his speed maintains that particular flow. Moreover, if rush-hour traffic slows the flow to less than the speed limit, it stands to reason that collision risks are lowered if one slows down to the flow of traffic. If an individual drives extremely slowly in normal-flowing traffic, then the risk increases because that driver is disrupting or presenting an obstacle to traffic flow. The key is that it is “safer to go with the flow.”
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