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So - what's a common linux kernel compile benchmark time these days for a "make allyesconfig"? compile.

I've got 2m12s time, and I'm wondering how good this is compared to other "SSD-less" attempts.

I'm really surprised how terrible Linux is on laptops these days. It's 2013 folks - it shouldn't take a PhD in Computer Science to get 802.11 to function with no user interaction beyond selection of the network and entering security  information when prompted.

So, anyone manage to get Perl installed on the TouchPad?

I should have known. Never start off with one of the popular Linux distributions when you have brand-spankin new hardware. Start with Gentoo. You'll be done with the patching and compile before you figure out what is broken with the distro.

Generic Gentoo install took about 10 minutes on the new laptop....

New (work) laptop: HP EliteBook 8560w.

Pros: good full -sized keyboard with numeric keypad, more ports than any other computer on the market, USB ports for charging even when the thing is off. Core i7 CPU, 8G ram, and unlike my previous 3 HP laptops, this one hasn't failed and wasn't DOA.

Cons: It has a modem. And that Quadro video card with 2G of RAM? Yeah - they stuck a VGA connector on the laptop.

Oh, and Fedora 15 is the only distro I've found which will boot on it. None of the Ubuntu, Debian, RHEL, or SuSU install disks I have will boot (even Sid). They all hang or panic. Well, my old standby "Gentoo" will boot, but I don't want to spend the next week messing with it.

And one last thing. Fedora 15 pretty buggy. I'd recommend folks stay away for the time being. It's not as buggy as Ubuntu OO, but pretty close.

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The Google+ team finally fixed their broken javascript! I can post from Safari now.

Think about this for a second, folks.

Hewlett-Packard can't ship a decent tablet solution. But, there is every indication that the damned Bookstore is going to ship a successful product. 

Since I have to boot a virtual machine and run IE just to post on Google+, I'll be abandoning this platform until further notice.

Here is an interesting article at
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