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Recognition Technologies, Inc.
Speaker Recognition, Voice Biometrics, Face Recognition, Speech Recognition and Access Control Engine and Applications
Speaker Recognition, Voice Biometrics, Face Recognition, Speech Recognition and Access Control Engine and Applications

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RecoMadeEasy® AudioVisual Recognition Demonstration

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Dr. Homayoon Beigi received a certificate of recognition from Robert Pellegrino, Chairman IEEE Tappan Zee Subsection during ASME, ASME and IEEE joint meeting on April 2017.


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A combined video of three different tests performed by three independent group of students over three semesters in 2014 and 2015.

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Here is the video of the latest test of our RecoMadeEasy(R) Access Control system by a few graduate students from Pace University.

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IEEE / ASME /SME joint local chapter meeting for Tappan Zee Section -- Mobile Transactions using Multifactor Authentication -- Speech by Homayoon Beigi May 26, 2015

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IEEE / ASME /SME Local Chapter Meeting Tappan Zee

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Another group of Graduate students from Pace University tried to scrutinize our RecoMadeEasy(R) Access Control system.  Please see the video and the related technical report that came out of the results of their survey following the creation of the video.  Here is the link to the technical report:

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Toward the end of last year, I sent you an Email
about a group of graduate students from Pace University who are working
on the acceptability of Biometric Access Control systems.  One of the
groups started by scrutinizing our RecoMadeEasy(R) Access Control
system.  They took a video of their activity and then sent our a survey
with that video, to assess the acceptability of biometric access control
systems.  I promised I would provide the report which analyzes that
survey, when it was made available.  You may download the report at the
following link:

which is also available from the main page of our company website:

This semester, another group of graduate students have done the same
thing, but with more elaborate techniques for spoofing our
RecoMadeEasy(R) Access Control system.  I am sure you will be interested
in watching the new video.  Please pay close attention to the comments
in the form of subtitles.  The video is available on our main website.
However, it would also be great if you would be kind enough to watch the
video and take the survey at the following link, in order to help these
students with their report which is due in a few weeks (before the end
of the semester). 

Please feel free to distribute this Email or the survey link to those
who may be interested.

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This is a shorter version of the process of testing the Recognition Technologies, Inc. RecoMadeEasy® Access Control System
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