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Sai - Enlightening Humankind

Many books have already been there in English about Shirdi Sai Baba who perhaps has the highest number of devotees among all the saints. Books in bulk sizes have been published about the life history, preaching and thoughts of the great saint Baba. Vinod Gaikwad's Marathi novel Sai about Shirdi Sai Baba is distinct. Sampagaonkar has translated the above book into English under the title ‘Enlightening Humankind' and Sidram Karnik into Kannada under the title 'Manukulada Mahachetan' (The Great Spirit of Humanity). Having lived among the common people like a common man, what the saint has left to mankind is the light of enlightenment. His secular values are most prominent among his preaching. "All are equal in the eyes of God. There is no high and low." It is this message which is relevant all times. Baba believed that Shiradi a tiny village should be a place free from all discriminations such as caste, creed and high and low. Shiradi now has become such a holy place spreading the message of secularism. Baba's life itself is a divine vision. His birth and death is God's will. The reader of this book, as he goes through, realizes the fact that Baba's life is an expression of divinity.

The book begins with the appearance of Chand Bhai, a horse owner and ends with Baba's liberation from the physical world. The reader will be overwhelmed with sense of devotion soon after he completes the reading of voluminous book.

Innumerable books and films have appeared about Baba in almost all languages of India. Television serials have also appeared on Baba. The present book seems to be very close to Baba. It appears as though Baba himself has narrated his life history.

Baba's dialogue with Tatya, Shyma, Sapati and devotees and Nanavalli's interrogations have been portrayed vividly in the novel. The author of the novel is very cautious in not leaving out any detail related to the great saint Baba.

This is a book to be read and possessed not only by the devotees of Baba but by all.
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