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What are your five words of gratitude?

The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences gives out the Webby Awards each year. They have an interesting rule their award recipients are required to follow: acceptance speeches can only be five words long. Recipients who do not follow this rule risk being booed by the audience...which tends to put a damper on having received an award, you know. Despite this restriction there have been some great speeches, which were highlighted by the New York Times recently. Here are four of my favorites:

• "Had we lost, we'd sue." American Bar Association Journal in 2008.
• "Making life terrible for dictators." Human Rights Watch in 2010.
• "Donating my unused word." Corporate Social Responsibility Amalgamated in 2012.
• "The Oscars should do this." Actor Kevin Spacey in 2013.

Because there is not enough gratitude in the world and because I believe in the infinite creativity of people, I decided to make an opportunity for you, and anyone else you know, to register appreciation for others. I hope you will take a few minutes to think about the people for whom you are most grateful and then to capture it the "Five Words of Gratitude" link below. 

I appreciate you trying this. (Please note, that was five words.) And please feel free to pass this on to others. Let's see what a little more gratitude will do in our world.

Be greater. Do good. Everyday.


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Regardless of political leaning, this is a critical legal case for nonprofits and their donors to follow.

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