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Godus has been a complete cluster f**k ever since it was on Kickstarter. When I heard about "Godus Wars" is messing up again, I thought hey maybe I missed the full release of Godus maybe they fixed all the problems with it. So I went to steam and Godus is still Early Access!!!!

So 22cans have started developing another Godus game with features that seem like they should be in the original game anyway, and they have not even finished the original game!
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Hi all just switched over and having a issue. Everything seems to be working 100% except for sms.

I have been able to send sms messages to several people's phones and receive messages back.

But when I try to verify my accounts via sms (amazon or Google for example), I never received the code those sites send.

I have read that it can take up to 24 hours for numbers to port over, but is partial service like this a symptom of porting my phone number to fi or is something else going on?

I just installed a new monitor and started getting horrible input lag, and the Desktop Window Manager process was constantly churning at 15% CPU usage. At first I thought it was because I had 2 x 4k monitors and it was just too much for the system (even though it's high end). But that can not be it, it's only playing video and browsing websites. So I started checking all the settings for the new monitor.

Besides the resolution being 4k instead of 1920x1200 the refresh rate also dropped to 30hz instead of 60hz. Because my graphics card only supports HDMI 1.4a which can not do 4k at 60hz.

So I thought maybe the refresh rate mismatch between the 2 monitors is causing some strange interaction that is making Windows work hard to compensate. With that in mind I thought I was going to have to buy a new low end graphics card just to get a 2nd Display Port or a HDMI 2.0 port to drive the new monitor.

Then I remembered my on-board video! All I did was go into the BIOS, select the option to enable both the on-board and PCI-E video cards and Windows 10 installed the drivers automatically. Then I just plug the display port cable into the on-board video and set up the new monitor on there.

Now all the input lag seems to be gone. So I am thinking Windows 10 might have an issue with dual monitor setups that do not have matching refresh rates?
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This seems very dangerous. They sell it as a safety feature, but you know that all the driver will do is speedup to try and catch a light that has 10 seconds left.

Then what happens when the app is not correct (which will happen a lot) and you are speeding up to go through the light then it changes. 

If you drive sensibly, don't speed and just keep an eye on where you are you should never had a problem stopping for lights.
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I have 3 out of 4 PC's updated to Windows 10 so far, with few to no issues. Here are a few things I have picked up a long the way.

1. Bootcamp - after updating my Bootcamp Windows 7 install (keeping apps and data) the touch pad did not work. I fixed this by using another mouse to go to the control panel, there you see the touch-pad device has an error. I clicked on each device and updated the drivers letting Windows search Windows Update for the best driver. Everything worked fine after that.

2. Product Key - When doing a clean install it keeps asking for a Product Key, but I do not see any easy built in way to find it. So I downloaded "ProdKey" from I then made a spreadsheet with all my old product keys and put the new Windows 10 product keys next to the ones I updated.

3. Upgrade First - The Windows 10 ISO tool lets you make a Windows 10 clean install disk/thumbdrive. But it seems to be useless without a Product Key. So make sure you backup your old Win7/Win8 install, then upgrade it to Windows 10. Then find your new Windows 10 product key and write it down before doing anything else. Then you can Reset the PC to get a clean install.

4. Find all your old Windows Installs and update them. My Dad has an old laptop I put Linux on ages ago. We lost the restore media so I used my Windows 7 OEM install DVD along with the Product Key on the sticker still on his laptop. I had to phone MS to activate it, but then it was simple to update it to Windows 10. We can always go back to Linux later but now we have one more product key if needed on that computer.
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When I fight saw this I thought Batman was being cast as the "bad guy" but on second viewing maybe Superman is taking too much power and starting to become a bit of a dictator like in Red Son. Then Batman is trying to liberate the planet. 

Either way it looks really good so far, but very early days.
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Oh shit was just looking around social media and realized that Walking Dead is on now on the East Coast. Time to shut down the computer and wait. #thewalkingdead  
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My Windows 8 was getting very flaky on me. I was going to do a clean install because another three months or so is too long to wait for Windows 10. But then I tried to list the things I need Windows 8 for and it was basically nothing. I was using storage spaces, which is nice. But that's it. Everything else Windows 7 still does better.

So I just went back to Windows 7 clean install and waiting for Windows 10. It's already so nice to be back. Hope Windows 10 can be Windows 7 with a more modern look and some new useful technology.
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Was forced to dump Chrome today. Ever since I installed my new graphics card the display driver keeps crashing if I try to watch a video in Chrome and do anything else that uses the graphics card. Like watch another video, or play a game.

After doing a little research it seems the problem is related to Chrome and spans NVidia and AMD cards. So I had to dump it for Firefox and so far I am not missing it at all.
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