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"Rural Life" Paintings Series by Artist Sunil Kulkarni

For any further details please call us at +91 9920042242 or write to us at, we are happy to assist you.
‪#‎Art‬ ‪#‎Paintings‬ ‪#‎Rurallife‬ ‪#‎VillageLife‬
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The Milky Way & Mauna Kea Volcano, Hawaii, USA
On the right, the almost 14,000 feet high summit of Mauna Kea rises majestically under a glowing Milky Way. The glow in the center, under the blanket of fog is from the town of Hilo.

Credit: Rogelio Bernal Andreo
Location: Mauna Kea Volcano, Hawaii, USA
Release Date: May 1, 2015

+Rogelio Bernal Andreo 

#Space #Panorama #Astronomy #MilkyWay #Stars #MaunaKea
#Volcano #Hawaii #Hilo #USA #UnitedStates #Astrophotography #Art #Science 

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Yeah, I'd run, too. I noticed they didn't turn what happened next into a gif.
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The Nile water-level gauges
Value; to assess or estimate the worth, merit, or its desirability.
The Nile water-level  gauge is where all of the Nile Rivers met, let me set the scene, the Arabs (Muslims) defeat the Greeks and take Kemet/Khemt/KhamI (Egypt) away from the Greeks, what the Arabs (Muslims) do is write down everything that the Greeks and Romans self-taught themselves, then destroyed all the Greeks and Romans history, I mean destroyed it like they recently did in Iraq (Sumerian), they are not to be singled out, while they destroy, others steal, buy, what’s not theirs, the history belongs to us all.
When the Arabs (Muslims) come in 1000AD, they change quite a bit which is evident today, the Nile water-level gauge consists of a large pit (or stilling well) that extends below the level of the Nile, the stilling well is connected to the Nile by three tunnels (each at different elevations) on the structure's eastern side, there are 45 steps leading down to the bottom of the stilling well, the steps allowed for a quick reading of the Nile River's water level, (Nilometer) this  is a sophisticated instrument.
This construction is one of two surviving “Nilometers” along the Nile River that were sited to judge the rise of Nile River, was used by the ancient Tama-Re to regulate, calculate the distribution of water; the level of the annual flood; an ideal flood filled the gauge to a certain mark, less could mean drought and more could mean a catastrophic flooding.
One of these water gauges is in Nehisi which translates “Nubian” (Aswan area) the other is modern day Cairo.
The Nile water-level gauge was used to measure the amount of its “worth” the ancient people were taught the Niles value, its life giving forces.
Today the gauge serves as taxable revenue, for the Arabs (Muslims) at certain levels the tax will vary.

Value; an amount, esp. a material or monetary one
The Arabs (Muslims) built the enclosure in Cairo, from the top down is Arabic designs, the gauge was not enclosed, Arabic words now decorate the tama-re history, engineering.
Mathematics, precision engineering are the real truths about this gauge, the architecture was used from then on in by the Romans, and so on+ all taken from the source, this setup gave birth to modern day water measurement structures, with its stilling well, connection(s) to the river, the gauge- a modern and ancient scales, another remarkable reminder of Tama-Re (Egypt's) illustrious past, take the time to look at these images, you’ll see some architecture that required diamond headed drills, granite cuts, laser precision,  look at the advanced level indicators.   
Note; the column in the middle of the Cairo water gauge is Greek, the roof is Arab (Muslim) the authors are Tama-Re, the history (is for all)
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2 min video on faster than light space travel, per Harold White from NASA.  See also the ☻warp drive♥ article ( and video (  Albert Taylor quit his NASA Space station job to do 'astral' space travel.  He's been crew chief for U2 planes, had secret clearance for 27 years. He believes he visited other planets via astral body ( His book ( details his travels; here's a video of him:  Some 'astral projectors' think the soul can travel at speeds > 1 trillion the speed of physical light. Maybe astral parallel universes (multiverse Kaku video: light can travel fast enough to allow it to reach far out galaxies in minutes (areas where people cured aging and are so called "Immortal" physically) is one out of many websites that propose a form of superluminal travel.  For 1400 years, humans observed thru experiments Earth SEEMS at the center of the universe.  Then Galileo and others discovered it was not so.  Same way, today, for 100 years we observed thru experiments the maximum speed of light SEEMS 300,000 km/s.  With our experiments of measuring the speed of light around Earth, we think that light can travel with same speed in deep space.  It may not be so and we have yet to do deep space experiments.  Science always changes.  Some physicists postulate that accelerating particles here on Earth will not produce superluminal speeds, but in deep space, accelerating large objects can reach many times the speed of light.

Scientists in Shanghai found that quantum action happens at minimum 10, 000 times the speed of light ►  European researchers claim the speed of light may not be even constant ►

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El paisaje de Nueva Zelandia se destaca por su variedad y en especial por su naturaleza montañosa. Los espectaculares Alpes Meridionales de la Isla Sur tienen sus cumbres permanentemente nevadas y contienen numerosos glaciares. Hay más de 19 picos montañosos que sobrepasan los 3.000 metros de altura. Las cumbres más altas de la Isla Norte son de formación volcánica. En el centro de la isla existe una cadena de volcanes activos situados entre fuentes termales, géiseres y charcos de barro hirviente. Ambas islas contienen fértiles llanuras de pastoreo, grandes bosques ya sean naturales como plantados, numerosas playas de arena y ríos cortos de corriente rápida. Hay numerosos lagos en las dos islas. Los lagos más grandes de la isla Norte están situados en la meseta volcánica central, mientras que los grandes lagos de la Isla Sur son de origen glaciar y están rodeados de un bello paisaje montañoso.

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Two of my favorite spots in the Kew Royal Botanic Gardens were above the trees--one in a walk inside the Palm House (which was extremely hot and humid) and the Treetop Walkway, a slightly nerve-wracking and clangy walk through a canopy.
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