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Jason Porter
Software developer at JBoss working on Seam. Father of four. Latter-day Saint
Software developer at JBoss working on Seam. Father of four. Latter-day Saint

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"Skimming through the Apache Ant manual revealed that I'd have to write XML to use it. I honestly believe I saved myself an aneurysm by proclaiming, "fuck that noise," and closing the browser tab.
(PROTIP: The key is hearing yourself say it out loud. Otherwise, your brain might still suspect that you're willing to try writing XML just to compile a single-file, <200 line Java program and try to end its own existence before being forced to comply.)"

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The fact that so many people are upset over the death of a little Syrian boy and haven't even registered the fact in their brains that US drones have been blowing up little children for years illustrates the fact that if there are no pictures or the media is not covering it, people can pretend that what they don't see, what they are not shown, isn't really happening.

It also goes to show that most people are compassionate human beings and will get quite upset when they see a small dead child on the news, and they are fully capable of imagining how horrible it must be for the parents and can see how horrible it would be if it happened to them.

And that's why the media shows certain deaths but not others. If they are showing a small dead Syrian boy, then there is an agenda. The people are supposed to get outraged at a particular someone.

Of course they refuse to show or report on the collateral damage from the US war machine, because then the people would become outraged at the USG.

And so, amazingly, the USG continues to kill small children at a steady rate, and it matters not if people hear about it or not, because they are not hearing about it from the official mainstream media, and there are no pictures or videos.

Millions and millions of trained humans who cannot believe or react to anything that is not prepackaged and presented to them through the official information channels. Sick.

Happy 🎂 to you!

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Worth a shot, right?

+Peter Robinson I purchased an UDOO Quad board, came in the mail yesterday. I'm not overly happy with Ubuntu, and how things don't seem to work well... I'd like to use Fedora, but it looks like support for it isn't in 20, only in Rawhide. How can I get started using Rawhide? Or can I backport things into Fedora 20 for support?

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If anyone is interested. The first version of my slide deck on the #Java  8 Date Time API is posted.  

I used +Dan Allen's Asciidoctor.
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