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Round the clock & around the world, we're there for you
Round the clock & around the world, we're there for you


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Asia Assistance and AA International announces the sale of Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Hong Kong businesses to AXA Assistance.

We have always wanted to do better for you and our members – to provide single branded global service offering, to provide robust & in depth services, faster turnaround times, more detailed analytical reports, technologically driven solutions, Apps for mobile devices, new innovations… and the list goes on.

To realise this, our management team have been working through a number of different options, to not only take our company to the next level, but to also continue staying ahead of the competition.
With this in mind, we are very excited to announce that we will soon become part of the AXA group of companies. More specifically, part of AXA Assistance Asia.

We are positive that by being part of this larger group with stronger global branding, we will continue to be a leading assistance company in our markets. Overnight, our merged businesses would become one of the top players in the Asian Assistance market with a combined revenue of over 50 million Euro and 1100 employees.

AXA Assistance is currently operating in over 200 countries with 7,523 staff in 33 offices globally and revenues of over 1.27 billion Euros.

To share some information about AXA Assistance, Asia:
• Asia recognized as a growth engine for AXA, with 2015 declared as the ‘Year of Asia’ for AXA Assistance.
• Currently circa 35 million Euro in annual revenue.
• 700 people across Singapore, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Japan.
• Ambition to triple in size between 2015 and 2018.
• On track with the ambition, growth of approx. 70% in 2015.

This is a significant step for the Asia Assistance organisation and I would like to assure you that, as our valued client/provider, you will continue to receive the same high quality service from our team. The transaction is expected to complete in mid-April and, overtime, we will be able to offer an even wider range of services across more locations. We will discuss this with you at the next opportunity.

Thank you for your continued support of our organisation.

For more information about AXA Assistance please go to
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AAC Philippines office is one of the AA branch offices that was incorporated in 2007. We are thrilled that our team in Philippines has outgrown their previous office space and expanded to another unit to accommodate more staff to manage and support existing and new clients portfolio.
At current, we have a team of 30 employees that is lead by the our Philippines CEO, Ronald M. Carrillo and still growing. With AAC's increasing business portfolio on Roadside and Customer Satisfaction Assistance programs, the new office expansion with additional manpower will be able to support the increasing volume of members from clients.

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The new AA Global Secure App is now available for download!

The App is available for both Android & Apple (IOS).

To obtain this app please go to the Android or IOS (Apple) apps store and search for key words "AA International" and or "Global Secure"

This new app offers users global security advice while on the move.
Information available includes:

• Security, political and logistical information for over 220 countries and territories
• 200+ city reports

Security advice:
• Crime, Terrorism and Civil Threats
• Electronic Crime
• Home & Family
• Natural Hazards
• Travel

Medical First Aid advice:
• Coughs
• Diarrhoea
• Fever
• Headache
• Insect bites and stings
• Minor cuts and wounds
• Nasal congestion
• Nausea & vomiting
• Rash
• Sprains & strains

* One touch direct dial to AA Operations
* One touch request to be contacted by AA Operations

For more information about AA Global Secure Security Assistance Services please contact

*The app is only available for log in for subscribing AA Global Secure Members

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AA Is Asia’s leading Assistance Company Providing 24 hour 365 days a year assistance and support to our clients around the world.
AA’s core services include:
Global Medical and Security Assistance
Third party Administration
Roadside Assistance
Air Ambulance Services
Expert Medical Opinion

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MERS outbreak: 2,300-plus quarantined; 1,800 schools closed in South Korea.
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AA International's Regional Medical Director, Dr. Hashim Johan was recently featured in the ITIJ April 2015 Air Ambulance Review.

Dr Hashim has worked in the Singapore's renowned Tan Tock Seng Hospital's Emergency Room for 4 years and amongst his field of practice includes General Surgery, General Medicine, Orthopaedic, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Hands Surgery and Public Health. Thereafter, he pursued an active career in aero-medical emergency evacuation in both commercial and... air ambulances for the next 15 years, in which he has flown over 1500 missions all across the globe.

Here are some highlights of his interview:-

What do you enjoy most about your role as a medic on board air ambulance aircraft?

Dr.Hashim: I enjoy my practice in medicine, travelling and I enjoy anticipating a situation that is always changing. I am an adrenaline junkie.

What's the most memorable mission you have carried out so far in your career?

Dr.Hashim: There was a wing-to-wing transfer and the handing-over team accidently extubated the patient on the tarmac. As I was part of the receiving team, I had to intubate the patient as quickly as possible on the tarmac and in poor lighting with an impending storm coming in! The pilots and my nurse helped out. Without them it would have been extremely difficult. However, there was another mission that I did and I guess it was by far most memorable. I was in the Middle East and the patient had COPD, was 70 years old, had been bed ridden for a month and was oxygen dependent. Due to a lack of communication, the patient's condition was not clearly made to us, but the report came in as "fit to fly in a commercial aircraft". We managed to get the patient to the airport and as he was oxygen dependent we had to bring the portable oxygen with us. However, the airport security did not allow us to bring the oxygen through! During the commotion that followed and rounds of explanation, the patient collapsed - literally falling out of his wheelchair. As there was no clinic at the airport, I needed to get the patient on to the plane - where the nearest oxygen was - as quickly as possible. I decided to carry the patient in a "fireman's lift" and ran to the aircraft door - breaking all airport security protocols along the way and resulting in the airport police drawing their weapons on me. Thankfully, the airline crew allowed us onto the aircraft and the patient got his oxygen and survived.

More can be found on "A Day In the Life of A Medical Director" in the ITIJ APRIL 2015 Air Ambulance Review on page 41-42

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AA International is pleased to announce that its non-executive Chairman, Michael Marquardt, has been awarded the highest level of credentialing for corporate directors from the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) in the United States.

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A devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake slams Nepal and killed hundreds of lives. The death toll from Nepal's earthquake has jumped to 3,218 and approximately 6,538 people have been injured in Saturday's quake, the worst in the country in 81 years. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims and families in Nepal that were greatly affected by the earthquake.

Here's how to help the victims of Nepal earthquake:…/nepal-earthquake-how-to…/index.html

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Duty of Care survival skills for Women, DO NOT become a statistic!

Each session is instructed by AA International's Security Consultant Aaron LeBoutillier. Aaron has developed this course over a period of 10 years and it is currently taught to many of the leading corporates and airlines around the world.

Each training session provides the following: ...
• Fun and interactive training
• No power point
• Realistic skills based on simple gross motor skills
• Benefit of experience
• Real life scenarios explained and modus operandi of criminals discussed
• Relaxed training environment
• Sexual assault awareness training
• Max 25 students per session
• Approximately 2.5 hours per session
• Take away informational and instructional DVD 
For more information about these consultancy services and how we can help your organisation provide better safety, security and Duty of Care to your staff please contact

#AsiaAssistance   #AAInternational   #GlobalSecure  # SelfDefense #BreakAwaySkills #DutyOfCare
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Women Self-Defense Workshop - Break Away Skills

It is not about how strong that attacker is, but how you can break away from his grip...

Women are generally vulnerable and we are thought to be vigilant, to fight, to SCREAM but will these tactics keep us safe? To some extent, yes, but the most effective way to stay safe is to learn to BREAK-AWAY.

Aaron LeBoutillier, Senior Security Consultant of AA International (AAI) provided us (staff and clients) with mind-blowing techniques and skills on how to break-away from one's attacker.
Aaron served in the British police force and during his tenure with the police force, he has seen video footages of victims being attacked and how each incident in itself presented an opportunity to escape - if the victims know how and when to do so. Size does not matter as the Break-Away skills are 100% physics and confidence, coupled with speed of reaction.

Aaron stated, "the most important element for the ladies is threat reduction and avoidance. A few small changes to the way you walk and carry yourself speaks volumes to a person who is thinking of attacking you. Confidence and owning the space you walk in is key. Having a good solid personal security platform and trusting no one but your mother is key to personal safety. The physical skills are secondary to this".
One must not compare martial arts with this break away skill as martial arts is a tradition that encompasses much more than just self-defense. It is a perfect pursuit to meet new people and developing one's mental character. Where else Break-Away Skills is about breaking free and running as fast as you can in the opposite direction to escape and / or raise the alarm!

Aaron Le Boutillier, Senior Consultant, (age 44) was born in Jersey, Channel Islands, UK. He started his career and interest in security working the nightclubs of Ropongi in Japan after which he joined the UK Police service. With an interest in defensive tactics, he started delivering disruptive passenger training to the airline industry and security training to football stadiums, hospitals and Immigration departments. In 1997, he left the UK Police force and started his own security consultancy company specializing in dealing with aggression. In 2001 he started a new consultancy company in Singapore where he expanded the services to crisis management, investigations and corporate security. In 2004 he survived the Tsunami in Thailand and wrote a best-selling book "And Then One Morning" about his experience and used that to deliver more realistic crisis management programs to corporates. In 2009, he expanded the business to Bangkok and concentrated on crisis management and corporate security and also worked closely with the Royal Thai Police with defensive tactics programs. Aaron joined AAI in 2012 as a senior consultant handling Security and Crisis operations for Thailand and the Philippines.

For more information or bookings on the Self-Defense Workshop (Break-Away Skills), please

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