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I've got good news and bad news, folks. The good news? Many of y'all are kindly participating. The bad news? Many of y'all seem to need a bit of help in the how-to department. ;)

1. Leaving a comment in this video is awesome, but... you have to remember to share the link in a social profile of yours.

2. When you do share the link to this video (and this is important), be sure your share is Public, not Private. So many of you kindly shared the video link in your Google+ feed, but only shared it privately with me - which kinda defeats the purpose, since I already know about this video. ;)

3. If you shared on Twitter, you mistakenly started the tweet with the @ symbol (followed immediately by ChrisPirillo) - which means that nobody saw it as anything but a reply to me on Twitter, which they'd only see if they were following me. So, again, it defeats the purpose.

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How do you backup your data?  Get an extra 5GB for using my link.  Thanks!

Dear consumers of the world,

I understand that you want to feel special and have your fifteen seconds of fame on the internet, but when I am reading reviews for products, I don't want to hear how your item was just delivered and "how great it is" before you have even used it. I would like to know if what I am planning to buy will actually do what it says it will, and if it will work longer than 1 minute. So, use your products first, then give me your flippin' reviews.


Educated Consumer

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Geeks unite! #chrispirillo #stem #tech 

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I'm raising a geek!  Proud father moment.  #lockergnome #chrispirillo #Messyroom  

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Chariot Carriers is giving away a Chariot Chinook!!  Here's the link to their sweepstakes!

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For students!  Get 6 months free Amazon Prime shipping, and get Full Amazon Prime benefits for $39/year!!  #AmazonPrime   #Amazon  

Lifehacker: How to Remove Your Google Web History Before The New Privacy Policy Change [Google]
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