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Between 6 and 8 million French voters haven't chosen their candidate… even though the first round is only three days away.
The Election Will Be Decided… By the Undecided
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I'm going to vote at the Consulate for the first time in my life..
Make the right choice! (Just out of interest: why do people elect the president of a country don't live in?)
Because I can :-) Because I care. Because I firmly believe that democracy only works if we all participate. If we disagree, and I vote, and you don't: I win. I'm still undecided too. I've never voted conservative in my life, but I'm tempted to vote for Sarkozy. From abroad we have a different picture of him than people in France do I suppose.
Make the left choice! (not talking about Hollande here).

I'm just sayin', I don't expect you —or Romke obviously— to agree at all nor to convince you or be convinced on this kind of platform. In any case I agree that it's good to vote even if you don't live in France: it comes with the citizenship so good for you!

Cheers everyone and go vote on sunday!
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