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Photography, geekery, gaming and green tech.
Photography, geekery, gaming and green tech.

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Lightroom Spot Removal
- Grabs a coffee
- Hmm, this picture from the Tunisian Salt Flats has a little bit of dust on the lens, let's clean that up
- ...oh my word, that sand is everywhere
- 20 mins later grab a new coffee to replace the cold one

PS the "Visualise Spots" option at the bottom left is a very handy tool
PPS this is where they filmed the original #StarWars films!

#lightroom #dust

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Geometric CityScapes

Can't decide if these were photography-based and digitally painted or entirely from the artist's creative mind but wow this is a stunning piece of work - reminiscent of some of the landscapes from Hyper Light Drifter (

For me, this is deserving of wall mounting - wow.
#digital #painting #art #photography

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I've been testing the beta of the +Trello​​ offline feature for a short while now and it has made a great difference, not just when travelling or offline but also to the experience day to day. I would say the reliability, the feedback and the consistency has improved and I see the "please reload" message come up a less too.

#productivity #project #management #kanban #in

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More SQL Server with your Google Cloud sir?

With the additional enterprise features such as AlwaysOn for high availability this announcement shows that Google is being no slouch when it comes to their cloud offering.

Having built platforms and infrastructure in AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure I have been impressed at how quickly new features are rolled out; particularly in the "as a service" space but this announcement helps when a client has a dataset or requirement that isn't quite ready for that jump.

#in #database #cloud

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Spoilt for Choice

+BrewDog PLC make a mighty fine beverage - stacked everything in one of the wall-mounted cabinets from IKEA only to find that they fit really well and the caps mean I don't even need to play "hunt the ale"

#camra #ale #beer #photography

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The power of +Snapseed continues to improve - hoping to see a chrome plugin or desktop cross-over at some point but the extra features put this straight in the firing line of the +Adobe Photoshop Lightroom feature set.

Are you a snapseed or lightroom mobile user and how do the tools fit in your workflow?
Snapseed’s first update in 2017 started rolling out today. It includes many improvements and a brand new tool: Curves!

Curves gives you precise control over brightness levels and colors to shape the look of your photos. If you are familiar with Curves from desktop applications, you should be able to get started right away. If you are new to Curves, take a look at the many presets that come with the tool to help you stylize your photo.

We’ve also improved the face detection in our Face filter. When Snapseed fails to detect faces, you can now ask it to try harder. In the Text tool, all multiline styles now allow you to choose where to wrap lines. We’ve also improved the grain quality in Black & White.

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Keep enjoying the ride
Riding a motorbike is not without risks - courses like provide great real world skills (first aid, improved road awareness and planning skills) - you also need to have the right gear.

While trying out to re-waterproof my gear I needed to take all of my armour out and found that one of the D30 knee protectors had split neatly into 3 pieces - I managed to get a replacement from the great people at and they asked to the "dud" off as they had never seen one "give up" like that before.

I think the D30 armour inserts are a huge improvement over the old solid pieces that used to be used, one-off failure excepted - but what's your experience?

#protection #biking #motorbike #safety

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Fly-by coffee (note hat on edge of shot). Fairtrade sourced but says it's their "in house blend". It's not fussy, it's not bitter and the milk in the latté does make it sweet. Not dissimilar to McDonald's coffee and they do have a bean to cup machine so still counts as a real coffee even if it's all automatic.


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Automattic Lightroom to Wordpress Plugin Released
What fantastic news to start the new year. I've already been working to bring some fresh updates to my website and some other photographers that I work with and then the Wordpress team release a plugin that ties Lightroom into Wordpress directly - smashing - great timing!

A quick tweak to my workflow should make this an easy win; the only check I need to make is how the images are uploaded as I have configured images to get offloaded to Google Cloud for speed and resilience.

#photography #lightroom #wordpress #blogging #in

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Swedish Semlor with a twist
Really they're a delicious bun for "Fat Tuesday" before starting fast/Lent. But in Sweden (and our house when I can get away with it) these marzipan-filled, cream topped buns are eaten from new year onwards and I'm not complaining.

This particular variety smashes together, Semlor: the marzipan-filled cream bun with Princess cake: a green icing topped layer cake with jam, cream and custard inside.

+ScandiKitchen​ have been kind enough to test and post a recipe with pictures for making at home. Alternatively we could just rattle up on the train to their café in London and eat theirs 😊

#sweden #sverige
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