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Patricia A. Saunders
Poetry, spoken word, motivational, faith just blessed
Poetry, spoken word, motivational, faith just blessed

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Change definitiion change (chānj) v. changed, chang·ing, chang·es. 1. a. To cause to be different: change the spelling of a word. b. To give a completely different form or ...  They say change is good I want to hold onto the past In the past I had my ...

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You're Invited
I am excited for the weekend coming up. Sunday especially I look forward to meeting readers . Stop by booth 334 where I will be doing a book signing. From 10am -6pm Civic Center Park, Berkley CA  See you there! Patricia A. Saunders Author, Blogger, and Poet  

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Why I hate Cancer!!!!
Coming from a large family is a blessing, tons of gatherings, laughs, and sharing history I was going through pictures and seeing siblings, cousins, and friends who died from cancer I realized that there is a history that we share. All forms of cancer from ...

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Guest Blogger M. C. Walker Debuts New Book at Blessed & Curvy
One More Thing Authored by M. C. Walker ISBN-13: 978-1544903019 ISBN-10: 1544903014  BISAC: Fiction / Contemporary Women  Free spirited, thirty something, dancer Monica Charles doesn’t have the greatest track record when it comes to men, but now Anthony's c...

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National Poety Month - Poem by Patricia A. Saunders
The end of National Poetry Month with an excerpt from  This Too Shall Pass book of poetry. My
Son I didn’t birth you I just feel that I want to see you turn 21 I want to give you advice on how to make it I want to tell you challenges are coming I want to te...

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Investing in Y.O.U.
April is the time of year where everyone is doing their taxes Some are looking for those tax breaks and looking for investments. My question that I always ask is what about you? Have you invested in getting your annual exam to make sure your health is on tr...

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Interview with Author Patricia A. Saunders
BAN Radio Show Interview Date and Time Please note that all shows are on Eastern Time Zone (Maryland) Interview with Ella Curry -  Monday night , 4/24/2017     All callers and authors use the same number:    646.200.0402 Chatroom:   http://www.blogtalkradio...

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What Inspired Me?
When asked the question I state it's my Mother that inspired me to write! As a child I can remember always writing in my journal a poem or something that I tried to express.  As a teenager I wrote about boyfriends or feelings of being hurt, in my yearbook I...

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Tips for Indie Authors Selling Books At Events
Tips for Authors Selling Books At Events When you’re a self
published author you look for opportunities to promote your book and there isn’t
always a handbook for what to look out for when you’re taken advantage of. So I
hope to share my experience to help ...

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