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We are the Finest Premium Quality Ice Cream Machine & Equipment Wholesalers/Suppliers in the Nation. See more at
We are the Finest Premium Quality Ice Cream Machine & Equipment Wholesalers/Suppliers in the Nation. See more at

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To keep it simple frozen lemonade is a very inexpensive product to sell. People absolutely love a refreshing drink on a hot day & the profit margins of this particular drink are high. Also keep in mind that there is no shortage of the ingredients you need nor is it difficult to find at your local grocery story or supermarket.

When it comes to selling frozen desserts, you can easily sell a 12 Oz cup of lemonade for $4 to $5 and your costs of making it will be under 10 cents per cup. These products have very high profit margins:

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The RMT is the newer pump style that is incorporated into pressurized Electro Freeze machines. The design of the RMT was inspired by the more robust pumps that Electro Freeze would use when making frozen dessert machines for Dairy Queen:

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So what's the difference between Ice Cream & frozen custard? Custard is made with egg yolk and ice cream is not. Because of this, frozen custard has a significantly more thick, creamy texture and a smoother consistency than ice cream:

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if you're just starting out with your business or have been in business for years in the food and beverage industry & don't have a full liquor license, using these substitutes is a great way to legally compete with other bars and restaurants giving your business the edge without costing you an arm and a leg for a license (not to mention all the hoops you have to jump through to get it!):

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Stop by the Slices Concession booth #3357 at the I.A.A.P.A. (International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions) Show in Orlando this week.
We'll show you how frozen desserts can add to your bottom line!
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In terms of the finished product that comes out of the machine's spouts, there is no difference between the two pump styles. The only two differences are the simplicity of the design and the durability of the parts:

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Gravity fed machines give the final product a more intense taste while pressurized machines 'soften' the taste of the product to give it a subtler taste which makes it much more palatable. Also, If you project higher sales volume, we recommend a pressurized pump machine because it produces 20-30% more finished product mix. If you are a large business this will save you money in the long term:

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The efficiency of the air cooled machine's refrigeration system is lost if you don't keep the condenser clean. In the long run you will save on energy costs, maintenance costs, & will extend the working life of the machine. Cleaning the condenser should be made part of the checklist for regular maintenance:

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'Tis the season where pumpkin flavored desserts are popping up everywhere. While we always encourage successful businesses to experiment with new flavors, there are certain flavors that are non-negotiable for each season if you want to stay abreast in a highly competitive industry:

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Another successful event!

Slices Concession West's very own, Evan Waldt & our partner Jason R. from YoCream (a Dannon company) teamed up to share great products, machines, and service at F.S.A. (Food Service America) food show in Seattle, Washington.
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