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مهنا و سیلیکون ایران 
 بزرگترین اجتماع کارآفرینان موفق ایرانی در سیلیکون ایران در حال شکل گیری است.
اهداف برگزاری این همایش
آشنایی متخصصین و فن آفرینان ایرانی با یکدیگر
معرفی و انتقال تجارب موفق کسب و کار فناورانه 
معرفی اکوسیستم استارت آپی ایران
آشنایی با فرصت های سرمایه گذاری فناورانه ایران 
معرفی استارت آپ های موفق ایرانی 
معرفی شتابدهنده های ایرانی

شرکت کنندگان باید دارای حداقل یکی از شرایط زیر باشند: 
ایرانیان دارای کسب و کار موفق فناورانه در خارج از کشور                              
متخصصین ایرانی شاغل در شرکت های فناور خارجی 
شرکت های فناور موفق ایرانی 
فعالان حوزه فناوری و نوآوری 
سرمایه گذاران 

تاریخ برگزاری: خرداد 1395  همزمان با نمایشگاه بین المللی فناوری و نوآوری
مدت زمان برگزاری: 3 روز
مهلت ثبت نام: سه شنبه 27 بهمن ماه 1394 (16 فوریه 2016)

لازم به ذکر است هزینه رفت و آمد و اقامت ایرانیان مقیم خارج از کشور بطور کامل تامین می گردد.
واجدین شرایط می توانند رزومه و زمینه همکاری خود را حداکثر تا روز دوشنبه هفته آینده به آدرس int@mahnaa.comیا mahnainstitute@gmail.comاعلام نمایند.

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MAHNA and Silicon Iran
Iran's largest community of successful entrepreneurs is emerging in Silicon Iran!

Objectives of this event:
Acquainting Iranian entrepreneurs and technology experts with each other
The introduction and transfer of successful technological business experience 
Introducing Iran’s startup ecosystem 
Announcing technological and investment opportunities in Iran
Introducing successful startups in Iran
Introducing Iranian accelerators

Participants should have at least one of the following conditions:
Iranians who have a successful business technology abroad
Iranian experts working in foreign technological companies
Successful technological companies in Iran
Technology and Innovation activists
Date: May-June 2016 (Khordad 1395) at the same time as the International Exhibition of Technology and Innovation
Place: Milad Tower
Duration: 3 days
Registration deadline: February 16th 2016 (27th Bahman 1394)
*The travels and accommodation costs of participants are fully funded.
If you are interested, please send your resume and field of interest to or

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1.Linking Iranian professionals, elites, investors and companies abroad with private and governmental clients in Iran 

2. Supporting science-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing in Iran

3. Holding seminars, conferences, workshops and training courses in Iran with the help of researchers and specialists outside the country and supporting professionals interested in Iran’s market to attend exhibitions and conferences in Iran

4. Supporting Iran’s industry, technology and science market by providing them with the knowledge and technology they need from outside Iran

5. Introducing researchers abroad to top Iranian universities in order to produce knowledge and technology and providing funds for joint projects 

6. Providing a fresh database of Iranian scientists, professionals and companies abroad owning skills and knowledge in need for Iran

7. Linking technology firms and individuals outside Iran seeking to start-up their business (technology production, import, export) with potential investors and clients inside the country (both private and governmental sector)

8. Providing services and consultations for establishing new businesses and collaborations in Iran: specialized technological advice, outsourcing legal advice، consulting and documentation 

9. Introducing innovations, business plans, inventions and research proposals of Iranians abroad to the clients in Iran

10. Providing the opportunity of scientific and economic activities in all provinces in Iran for Iranians abroad 

11. Offering a wide range of services such as legal or investment consultation, tourism, welfare, training, research, insurance, publication, translation etc. through our partners 

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