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Donald Ham
Enterprise strategist with focus on business impact of emerging technologies. Lover of food, cars, cats, and great design.
Enterprise strategist with focus on business impact of emerging technologies. Lover of food, cars, cats, and great design.

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Technology built to uplift and connect people should not be turned into a tool of oppression. Read our open letter to the tech industry, published as a full-page ad in Wired Magazine today. As Trump takes office, we're calling on tech to delete logs, encrypt data, shed light on government demands, and fight for user rights in court & in policy. Read more and see the ad: 

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Chromebooks are exactly the computer the world needs now: simple, secure, usable. They just work. And starting this fall, they’ll work they work the way people do in 2016: online everywhere, all the time, in a thousand different ways. “Personal computing” left desks and monitors behind a long time ago, and personal computers are finally catching up.

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With an "ERP for the CIO" product, uGovernIT challenges the "startups only pursue the consumer market" stereotype
A lot of the glamor in the technology world shines on the fabled Silicon Valley startups. You know, brilliant young people, huddling over their laptops coding night and day, and coming up with Snapchat. Or Instagram. Or Angry Birds. What is the common den...

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IT management as a service: the disruptive offering from Ugovern
Startup UgovernIT makes an “ERP for the CIO” product of four interrelated modules for the management of IT. It is aimed at the SMB enterprise CIO, and specifically midmarket firms--not the Global 2000/Fortune 500 market world of SAP and Oracle. Described ...

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How Android apps and the Play Store will come to Chromebooks
Google: Skype, Photoshop, Office and every Android app on Chrome OS. In the second month after went live in 2011, I switched my primary computing platform to Google's Chrome OS.  As I've written, I believe it is the best expression of the major ...

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It's really encouraging to see a major business publication like +Wall Street Journal take Chrome OS seriously. Especially since the article makes points I wrote about on 5 years ago this month. 
Why It's Time to Take ChromeOS Seriously
/via +Wall Street Journal  #chromeos  

"Now, to my surprise, I use the Chrome operating system for all my nonmobile computing. Thanks to continuous improvements in its usefulness and power, I increasingly think it’s the future of computing... For most of what people need to accomplish on a computer, Chrome is just better."

Welcome +Christopher Mims to ChromeOS!

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I went through all 120+ slides of this presentation yesterday; I've followed Meeker for several years, and her report is always interesting (although it occasionally reveals a right-leaning political viewpoint.) Nothing groundbreaking this year, but there were a few noteworthy points:

--very useful breakdown of barriers/opportunities for further smartphone penetration worldwide. Conclusion: we are nearing saturation point.

--stats on worldwide distribution of smartphones show that Android own about 80% of the market, far larger than I knew

--IOS share is still declining year over year

--very good analysis of different technology adoption and use patterns among age-defined cohorts, especially the idea that the youngest (born 2000 and after) are totally at ease using multiple screens simultaneously.

--Snapchat and Instagram are far bigger than I knew.

What's your takeaway?

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ATX: RideAustin
Attempting to fill the space deserted by Uber and Lyft and possibly a bit more community-minded than those pouty startups upstarts. Putting the sharing back in the "sharing" economy. (+paul beard )

"The company says because it is not for profit, the drivers will be paid more and the fares will stay low. “As RideAustin matures, our work for example may include free and reduced priced rides for low income elderly and the disabled..."

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What's an important trend? What's clickbait junk? 3 tips to help analyze emerging technology
Part II of "The future? I've got this." Analysis Business and technology are now partners; the future of each has a profound influence on the other.  In the enterprise, that means that futurism's importance is magnified.  It's no longer some abstraction tha...

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Dilbert on being awesome.
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