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Justine Parsons
A virtual assistant whose passion is saving the sanity of you busy business professionals and small business owners.
A virtual assistant whose passion is saving the sanity of you busy business professionals and small business owners.

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having the right skills mixed with the right attitude is VA gold.
If you are thinking about becoming a Virtual Assistant, then you need the right skills. This Online Biz Skills course has all the skills you need and more! One of our VAs is in the middle of upskilling with this course at the moment and this is what she said: “I love it. It's so informative and I love that she covers everything from the start so you don't need any background knowledge to follow this course.”

So even if you don’t have all the skills now, you can learn them and start (or build up) your VA business.

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If you have any questions about the skills that are marketable, then ask away, I'm happy to point you in the right direction.
Something I've noticed  when recruiting new contractors is how difficult it is to find contractors with the 'right' skills.

I tend to get approached by people who have strong admin skills, but for the clients I work with, I need more than that. My clients are online savvy and are developing exciting online products, which means the contractors I take on need those online skills.

Mailchimp, aWeber, Wordpress, social media management and other systems like Infusionsoft  and customer support services (Zen Desk and Help Scout).  In a nutshell I need to find 'unicorns',

But how do you become a unicorn?   How do you build an enviable skill set? How do you up skill in the areas that most clients need?

Most VAs try and figure it out on the job, and deal with a lot of unbillable time, which we  know  is a killer in this business, both to your sanity and bottom line.

So what's the solution?

I have taken on contractors who have graduated from this Online Biz Skills course, and they are fantastic!. They have the right skills, and attitude which means they are the right fit for our clients.

If you are looking at expanding your skill set  so you can take on more clients or even become location independent then I highly recommend this course.

But it's not open all the time. It only opens a few times a year, so if you've been thinking about how to change career direction, or you want that flexibility in location.

Do it, don't wait.

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So i've been thinking - i've got 500+ followers here - why don't you tell me something about yourself - let's get some conversation going, after all we are human! :) 

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Email communiation - we all do it. As a company are you and your staff being perceived well via #email #communication? Perhaps you need to make some changes - have a read of this.

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Some very good points in this article about using a #virtualassistant  - if you haven't thought about hiring virtual staff, then you should - check us out too

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You know this time of year is getting busier and busier - that's where we can help...let us do those things you don't have time for!

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You know it's easy to throw around the terms customer service and customer experience - but what are you really doing to make those valuable relationships with your customers?

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Yip, we make you look like a star!
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