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I tell it like it is.
I tell it like it is.

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A month of fours
May 2017 was truly a month of fours.  Alexis turned four months on 5/4/17 and Jayson turned four years on 5/9/14.  I will say that turning thirty never bothered me nor did the subsequent years thereafter, however, Jayson turning four has hit me hard.  I thi...

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101 Days
101 Days Alexis was three months old back on the 4th of April, but mama has been slacking on the blog.  I returned to work on the 6th, so in all fairness I have been a little busy.  So we'll post today when she's 101 days old.  We don't have another check u...

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Yes, you read that correctly. Today's blog post is entitled "Twerking."  My son has some serious toddler dance skills, but he's a little late to the game with twerking.  It is his latest move thanks to the fact that his grandparents gifted him a monkey that...

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2 Months @ 2 A.M.
What better time to write about a two month old than at two a.m.?  It's quiet. She's just nursed and is snuggling on my shoulder.  I know it's moments like this that I'll be nostalgic for when she's her brother's age. Not necessarily the getting up in the w...

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One Month Alexis Style
One Month Baby Update Weight & Length:  at her one month doctor appointment she weighed in at 9lb 15oz.  Just shy of 10lb.  She's growing like a weed.  I love her chubby little cheeks and legs. She also put on over an inch and a quarter in length.  She's no...

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She's here!!!
It's taken me a couple weeks to post, but little miss has arrived.  Alexis Jayde Krueger was born 1/4/17 at 1:29pm.  She weighed in at 7lb 5oz and 18.5 inches in length. She was five days early, and much like when I was pregnant with her brother, I worked r...

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35 Weeks
  Let's just say at 35 weeks, this mama is slowing down.  There's still so many "nesting" things I want to do when I get home, plus all the goodies arriving at my house to go through for Christmas, but there's never enough time (or energy) in the...

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It's a... GIRL!!!
Can't say I saw this coming.  At our 21 week appointment on 8/30 we were scheduled for our anatomy scan.  We brought Jayson with us thinking it was going to be a good experience for him to see the ultrasound and hear first hand whether his sibling was a boy...

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Tantrums, TMJ, and Pregnancy
Ok - so the title should have been three items that start with "T' and it could have been really catchy, but I couldn't come up with a way to refer to pregnancy with a T.  Trimester is a t-word related to pregnancy, but this is my second trimester not third...

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Eating for two
I've delayed posting this until at least the first trimester has passed, but if you haven't already guessed by the title and the photo, I am expecting ( again ).  This time around has already proven to be quite different than my first pregnancy.  To start w...
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