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So what's the story on using one of those external GPU adapters on a modern Linux system? I haven't found anybody who has actually attempted it.

(We're talking about a box with its own power supply and a full size PCI slot, which connects via an adapter cable to the minPCI slot or equivalent in a laptop. They seem to be exclusively of interest to gamers on Windows....)

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File under "things you don't want to encounter as STEP EIGHT in a tutorial."

For opsec reasons I can't get into detail, but there's at least one free, public, general-purpose web publishing service that stopped working over Tor this year because it's login flow tuned into a cyclical, pop-up driven JavaScript rats nest. :/

Seriously: why is there still no interface for adding udev rules?

It's step one in 80% of the Linux hardware HOWTOs.

I can't get enough "Remember when X tried to buy Y for $N billion" posts! Keep 'em coming Interweb!!!

Hey, here's a great idea: dice your documentation up into tiny parts and distribute those parts randomly between,,,,,, man somedaemon, and the Debian control file for a metapackage.

OK, Physics; which of the Fundamental Forces is the one that causes perfectly aligned wires to leap around randomly as soon as the soldering iron gets in range?

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A bit late, but here's the inside of that overpriced auxiliary-input car audio contrivance. As suspected, not much more going on that a cheapo MCP2515 CAN controller and a microcontroller. I know it's kinda hard to see in this photo, but it's labeled PIC16f648a, which is an 8-bit mcu. Don't think there's anything else of interest; the other ICs seem to be op-amps (33202) and some kind of voltage regulator ("2991"?). Analog audio only.  I'd say next step would be to try and dump the mcu, but maybe I just plug it in and use it....
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Here I was wanting to report on the particulars of the W3C EME / DRM debate, and the link we're referred to is a W3C members-only mailing list:

Not easy to help the public understand the issues under these circumstances.  I wonder what that first link says; a lot of other people probably do, too.  Unfortunate that they can't.

Zigbee, Z-Wave, & INSTEON all sound like characters from a Japanese kids show dubbed into English in the late 80s/early 90s. #DomoticsTeamGo
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