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Jenna and Allie
Two (not so) film buffs who love to talk movies!
Two (not so) film buffs who love to talk movies!


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Flick Chicks Hiatus: An Update!
Hi guys! So, as much as I promised I was still lurking, I realised I've gone quiet on you all over the last week. I have a good reason, I promise. Now that I've finished Christmas shopping and wrapping presents (don't ask about deliveries) I've used some sp...

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Flick Chicks Is On Hiatus
Hi guys. This post has been in the works for a week or so now, but I eventually realised there’s no point in flowering it up. This blog is going to go on hiatus for a while. For the last couple of months I’ve tried my hardest to keep Flick Chicks updated on...

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Looking Forward to Seeing at the Cinema: December 2016
Even though the nights are dark, it’s freezing cold, and my Christmas tree is up, I can’t quite believe this is the last ‘Looking Forward’ post of 2016! Where have you gone, year?! After a record number of cinema trips in November (I actually made it once a...

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Monthly Round-Up & Blogger Links: November 2016
Tomorrow is December, guys. Where has this year gone, and why do I still have so many of this year's releases to watch? Tomorrow brings the start of the season of Christmas movies, although I admit I cheated a little and watched Die Hard over the weekend. F...

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The Fall: Season 3
After waiting what felt like 2 years (it might have actually been that long) for Season 3 of The Fall, I never even watched it at the time it was shown on TV. Doh! Talk about double standards. I started watching BBC’s The Fall not long after is started in 2...

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Review: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016)
Does anyone else think perfume adverts are more than a little ridiculous? Perhaps now 4DX screens are becoming a thing they have a place in the world, but has anyone really ever paid much attention to these ads? You’re probably actually wondering what the h...

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Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving to all our American readers and fellow Bloggers! Of all the American traditions that we've adopted in the UK, I wish we could make a bigger deal of Thanksgiving, it isn't celebrated at all, but it's such a wonderful holiday. Perhaps not s...

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Review: Tickled (2016)
In between the cinema trips and desperately trying to catch up with Westworld (which I’ve done - yay!) I put some time aside to check out a documentary that I’d seen reviewed on a few blogs I follow called Tickled. I can count the number of documentaries I’...

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Girl Week: The Leading Ladies of 2016
For the second year running, king of blogathons Dell at Dell on Movies is dedicating this week to movies with female protagonists. It’s Girl Week! From 21st - 27th November he’s aiming to post every single day, so be sure to bookmark his blog if you aren’t ...

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My 5 Favourite Adam Driver Roles
In celebration of Adam Driver’s birthday today, I’ve made a Top 5 list of my favourite roles of his. You probably know him as that tall guy in the mask who likes to throw a temper tantrum, but he’s been in quite a few movies before The Force Awakens! Sadly,...
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