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Theta The Absol (Nightstalker Cipher)
Cipher, Codec and Absolic
Cipher, Codec and Absolic


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"The world was burning and what did I do. I took a position in a bombed out building with four snipers, two DMRs and a sawed off shotgun, with enough munitions to liberate a small town. Instead, I used it to hold the line and give civilians time to evacuate." - Nightstalker Cipher {Sixth Region of kik} "Anti-War"

Name: "Theta Meta or Nightstalker Cipher."

Nickname: "Cipher or Cipher Theta.."

Age: "I do believe we are getting ahead of ourselves.."

Gender: "Male last of I checked.."

Species: "Absolic.. and Cipher.."

Level: "75.."

Class: "Cipher/Grey Hat.."

Moveset: "Sword dance, knock off, sucker punch, and play rough."

Weapon: "Dual scythe.. Void Wanderer's Trenchcoat."

{Name: Void Wanderer's Trenchcoat

Class: Specialty trademark weapon.


lightly armored trenchcoat, indicated as a fully black trenchcoat with a blackened star on the right shoulder and several bullet holes throughout the front, being made as a flame retarded nano woven materials providing comfort, protection and style allowing the user to appear completely unarmed and neutralized by already ready to strike as a high mobility mid to long range with quick rounds of CQB, as it stands as an improved holdout weapon weighing twenty pounds fully loaded.

Status effects:

+15% resistance to fire

Resistance to small blades and punches as a weak force.

+20% speed increase when paired with a codec weapon

Codec weapons can be deployed out of combat

Resistance to low caliber bullets

-15℅ weakness to electrical attacks, darkness and anti-codec and fusions styles, weapons etc.


Two purple bladed lightsabers:

The primary weapon of the set, two purple bladed sabers with two blade guards on the ends in all four directions with tops sharpened to allow for stabbing, and on activation a deadly duel bladed saber with rare cases stating both being used in their duel form at once.

Two titanium aluminum alloy defensive swords:

Two light weight swords prefect for light defensive action and defecting bullets with a well enough spin to in rare occasions slicing rounds with just enough of a contact and fast enough cut.

Two frost elemental boot knives:

Duel knives with a hooked blade on the inside and infused with the energy of two frost elements, perfect for tearing through flesh and lightly armored targets as while hooking chains with the hook

One M1911:

Loaded with an eight round clip of armor penetration and as low as three inches depending on range.

The trenchcoat has been noted for being linked to another weapon a sniper, being paired with such rifles as "Divine Intervention", "Defiance", and "Shadow AWP" allowing the current wearer Theta Meta to practice extreme precision in killing his assigned targets, with the speed allowing him to evade detection all the more whilst performing assassin style of marksmanship.}

Appearances: "Hmm.. Computers.. Cipher deals.. The 'Cipher Triangle' and Fusionist Body.."

▯Birthday: "Ninth day of the 'March' as you call it.."

▯Family/Friends: "I came here to find clues to them.."

▯Weight: "I know not of this 'weight' you speak of.."

▯Height: "Seven five last time I checked.."

Personality: "I tend to seem emotionless and calculated.. As if planning one's demise.."

▯Occupation: "Mafia Cipher.. Military Tactician.. Wanderer.."


▯Hair colour/ Style: "White normally.. Three foot absolic horn.."

▯Eye colour: "Emerald green.."

▯Skin colour: "White but not known.."

▯Special Features: "Grey robes covering my body and a grey fedora under my hood.. and a Cipheric Triangle medallion hanging from my horn.."

▯Scars: "A single scar on my right arm.."

▯Tattoos: "None.."

∾Likes and Dislikes∾
✓ Technology
✓ Making deals
✓ Exploring
✓ Firearms
✓ Knowledge

✗ Ignorance
✗ False words
✗ Black Hats
✗ Extended watchers
✗ Broken deals

∾Abilities,Skills,Weaknesses and Past/Summary ∾

▯Abilities: "Elder of Code, Fusionist body, elementalist, Grey Hat, and... Cipher abilities.. and an Absolic ability of Justified.."

▯Skills: Gun nut, Grey Hat, Cipher deals, Absolic magic.."


"Electricity.. Respectable elemental weakness.. More advanced Grey or Black Hats.. and my Cipheric weakness.. Within Cipher form.."

▯Past/ Summary: "Getting ahead of yourself once more.." "All you must know, now that it comes to me, I can exist both as disembodied soul or manifest a physical body using technological code, till which I stand impossible to hurt within my soul form, but I may not harm you in return. Thus I follow the normal specter proprieties in such a state. Till sum it, I've lost my physical body, yet have learned how to recreate one at a temporal plane from Codec and Absolic magic. Thus allowing me to interact with the world as if, I were very much alive."
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"It seems so silent, rather as I once walked here." The Absol remarks behind a grey hood hidden behind a black trench coat as the Absol lingers around the area in some silence, lacking both an aura or a since life. Rather the Absol lingers around in such an order that it seems almost inhuman for its own type. Yet the Absol walks with only the use of a staff to aid in its walking but as opposed to the staff being such it existed a pike like staff, as he only stops for but a moment reaching out with a hand that seemed almost normal for but a moment before remaining ever so still, cold and seamlessly alone

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That makes my seventh year of life, kicked off by my second school having no power and six hours of Warframe, on a new laptop. Anti-Lag laptop, rather.
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Finished the final, build last night. Within 8:12 start to finish.
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Beautiful, utterly beautiful ,nonetheless outdated. Rather quite decent compared to the factory standard processor. Making "her" an AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+, with the backdrop of an Optiplex 765. This processor, being incompatible with the backdrop, is currently or will be rather, residing Dell 0RY206 motherboard to complete an Intel Inspiron 531. Twenty bucks at the time, only power cycled exactly four times. The photos, were taken by a classmate of mine, upon my request to him. All credit goes to him, for photos.
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