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To share interesting articles, knowledge and information
To share interesting articles, knowledge and information


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How to unblock your nose
I have been suffering from frequent block nose due to allergic rhinitis. Sinusitis, Sinus headaches and fatigue are a constant struggle. ...

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Another Moonshot project from Google

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Project Loon
Google has begun the Project Loon pilot test in June 2013 in NZ. 30 balloons were launched and people like Charles (see video below) can ...

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Key takeaway from his speech - Learn basic ways to feel contented. Mind is an excellent servant but terrible master. Teaching you how to think. Do not worship. Less self. Need to have courage to change and to be different. Attention, awareness and discipline. Conscious about others.

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Amazing method to unblock nose. Excellent exercise for Sinus Allergic and asthmatic people. Avoid hyperventilation at all cost!

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Amazing Levitating photos by Natsumi Hayashi. Check out 
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Warren Buffet's 5 Life Tips:

On Earning: “Never depend on a single income. Make Investments to create a second source.”

On Spending: “If you buy things you do not need, soon you will have to sell things you need.”

On Savings: “Do not save what is left after spending, spend what is left after saving.”

On Taking Risks: ”Never test the depths of the river with both of your feet.”

On Expectations: “Honesty is a very expensive gift. Do not expect it from cheap people.”

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Love the new Nexus 4

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Overview of one of the many loved Google application (esp to a iPhone 5 user)

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