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Third Author Connection - Johnson
Allan Johnson teaches us that we must say the words. He speaks of how important it is to talk explicitly about privilege, power, and differences. Throughout my service learning project I experienced several moments that reminded me of Allan Johnson. The mom...

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Second Author Connection - Delpit
Throughout my experience at Mary Fogarty Elementary I witnessed several Delpit moments. I recently presented my Service Learning project with Karissa and we believed that Lisa Delpit would disagree with the way we handled our experiences. Delpit believes th...

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Promising Practices
On November 1 st I attended the Promising
Practices Event, but unfortunately I was only able to stay for one session.
Even though I was only at the event for a short time, I still was able to take
in a lot of information and learn. The workshop I went to wa...

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Empowering Education - Extended Comments
For this week's reading by Ira Shor I decided to complete an extended comments piece using Jessica's blog . In her discussion of the text, Jessica made connections to other readings we have done in class.  The first connection she made was to Alfie Kohn, fr...

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Reconceptualizing Down Syndrome - Reflection
I enjoyed this weeks reading very much. Inclusion in classrooms is a topic that cannot be avoided. As a special education major I found this article to be quite relatable and interesting. I believe that it is crucial to integrate those with disabilities int...

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Literacy with an Attitude - Connections
Literacy with an Attitude by Patrick Finn was quite lengthly, honestly, but I found much of the article to be very interesting. The beginning began with the discussion of various titles that the author had for the article. For example, Finn contemplated tit...

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Collier -- Revisited
Quote 1: "One must teach in two languages, affirm the cultural values of both home and school, teach standardized forms of the two languages but respect and affirm the multiple varieties and dialects represented among stu­ dents in class, be a creative and ...

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In The Service Of What? - Reflection
" In The Service  Of  What? The Politics  of  Service Learning" is written by  Joseph Kahne  and  Joel Westheimer. The authors discuss how important and beneficial service learning is to those that participate and the community. Service learning allows stud...

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Unlearning the Myths That Bind Us - Hyperlinks
This article by Linda Christensen is very interesting. It discusses how the issue of cultural stereotypes was introduced to children through Disney movies, books, and cartoons.

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Safe Spaces (Reflection)
In this reading, my eyes were completely opened to something I have never thought of before. To start off, I would like to give a quote that stuck out to me while I was reading and perhaps sums up the entire reading into a few sentences. "If our homes are i...
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