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Damien Walker
Photographer, blogger, time waster.
Photographer, blogger, time waster.

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If you are....

1. In Australia
2. Love the cricket
3. Can't stand Channel 9's commentary

You need this.

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BREAKING NEWS: Google and Motorola launch a "game changing" new phone.

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Breaking economic news. Follow the link below.

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It’s time for the narrow minded, reductionist, backseat drivers who hurl their malignant, obsolete invective at the Labor party’s asylum seeker policies to make a choice: Pony up an effective alternative or STFU.

Read the rest on my blog. Reading my blog makes you sexy.

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Gaming God: A sinner's' guide to salvation, baby!

Early one morning Agnes Schickin, a thirty year old serving woman from the town of Schorndorf in Germany walked into a neighbouring town and stopped to enjoy a glass of milk offered by a local peasant woman before continuing on her walk. She would later testify that playing by the roadside ahead of her she spotted four “beautiful little boys ”. She approached them and asked for directions back to Schorndorf. Seven year old Hans Furch said he could help and he accepted a gift from her in return for walking part of the way and helping with directions. The two of them headed into the forest alone...

Read the rest at my blog:

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"This is an Arts Degree we’re talking about here, not Medicine or Science."

"An Arts Degree. The one that has produced entire generations of pizza delivery drivers who try to convince people they’re not functionally retarded once it becomes known they've done a Communications Major."

Read the rest here:

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Tony Abbott shows us what a master tactician he is when it comes to burying the opposition.


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Dear Internet,

You are a byzantine enigma.
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