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Unleash Your Awesomeness and Realize Authentic Happiness
Unleash Your Awesomeness and Realize Authentic Happiness

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Why Do Relationships End?

Here are 3 answers to the question 'Why Do Relationships End?' Ego, attitude, and ignorance. Agree OR Disagree?

Why do you relationships end in your opinion?

Here are 3 reasons why relationships end that I see a lot in my counseling - selfishness, closed mindedness, and unwillingness to change.

Obviously, relationships are very complicated and each one is unique. However, there are some common denominators in why all relationships end.

Why do relationships end? Please share your thoughts and experience.

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Facing your pain is your first step towards healing ~ Anita Sig #emotionalfreedom  

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Few things hurt more than your loved ones showing you arrogance. Remember it is their pain and not yours to take in. #inspiration   #emotionalsupport  

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Anita's Awesomeness Tips on Life, Love and Happiness
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