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Developers, Designers, Project Managers, QA, as seen by each other (h/t the sys admin @ work)
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The worst part is that it's all true, of course.
Eek I have to mute my own post ... the Gray effect :-)
Pretty hilarious how people envison their peers. Why, yes. It's like looking in a mirror A shiny, delusional mirror.
Too funny! And yes, I'd say that's pretty accurate. I love the Project Managers as seen by Designers. Leave my wall alone!!
Pretty funny. I DO see myself as a super-model.

...only prettier. 
I love this picture.. It's really true in my company..:) a hired-help unskilled-labor sense, perhaps... but that's just the picture. Nobody treats me that way.
Having been both a developer and a project manager, I am nodding and smiling.
SysAdmins are conspicuously absent... pretty funny considering my source.
Jajajaja que buen cuadro!!! Me he reido mucho
Very funny, and I like the matrix idea. could work for a few others.
Love the QA addition. Fantastic.
i'm a developer, but i don't see anything like the 3rd pic...
pretty much hard to tell which group has the best perspective of em all. lolz
LOL yep, so true. Though sometimes I think designers view themselves more as Renaissance artists than fashion designers.
really hilarious and true too :)
Is that really how designers see themselves? LOL
It looks about right to me, especially the QA row and column.
So where are business development and marketing people?
interesting are the diagonal pictures from the top left to the bottom right. also how project managers see developers.
Been through all four worlds. Couldn't agree more -- so true!
And this is just the nerds' view: Imagine how funny this gets once we add Sales & Marketing to the picture.
I'm the network administrator. I'm ignoring you all.
Hilarious idea but this is quite odd usability solution to transfer the thread about it inside an image :)
Given the image selection, mismatched size of image cropping, odd use of Trajan typeface I am guessing this was done by a developer. (No PM, no design or QA)
The first row looks like the truth :-)
I like the part where QA was added with much lower quality than the rest of the picture.
Funny how the reality goes diagonally from the upper right corner down to the lower left.
I'm the guy on the white background in the QA row. I'm Internet famous...
Very true ... Well put together
bwahaha okeh thats hillarious
Of course the sysadmins are in the picture, they are the omnipresent god you can't see but you know is always there...
I always feel myself in the Justice League - LOL
The grass is always green matter what the role is.
Looks like someone forgot the ant, not bound by rectangle nor book nor demographic assignation. he he. Pulsate energy across the obstacle.
Wow, This is right. I liked a pix that PM seen by Developers, hahaaaahhaa
I liked pm seen devs and qa people awesome
sure to be a classic.
The truth shall finally set us all free
Oh my god that's so true!!!
Ha ha ha I cant stop laughing! Awesome 
Hahaha, cant stop laughing...
And yes, we in qa are the justice league! 
not so much a supermodel but a creator of the only thing that matters.
+richard Walker Love this! It's funny because it's true!
Hmm, I would have picked 'nuke-dropping-jet test pilot' over superman, but this'll do.
Don't underestimate designer because accept coding a designer can do anything 
Im glad that salespeople arent on here @Mandy Bee!
@ Yony Torres: Questions and Answers.

I'm in there more than once.
Sys Admins would definitely be a great addition to this chart! Hilarious, none-the-less!
Pretty sure QA is Quality Assurance... not Questions and Answers.
Is there a similar chart out there that includes Security people?
The only one I don't understand is the designers seen by project managers box.
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