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Did you think Katy Perry's lawyers sending a questionable cease & desist letter over 3d printable plans for "the left shark" backup dancer in Katy Perry's Superbowl Halftime routine would be the end of that story? It...
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There was a time where it seemed like we barely even needed to talk about this: Joel had won the argument, the Internet agreed that private offices were the future, and only incompetent management (or a tight budget) was still putting developers in cubicle farms. A glorious future lay before us.
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from the #charliehebdo -attack-used-by-disgusting-people dept.
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You don't have a "right" to a visa to visit a foreign nation-state, sorry. If people don't want you in their country, the problem might be you. This is not censorship. 


#antivaxxers   much like 9/11 conspiracy theorists, should find something more productive to do with their time, other than decrease herd immunity and increase the incidence of preventable deaths.  


The disgusting use of the #charliehebdo  tragedy to claim victimhood, by comparing those who disagree with you to terrorists, is so far off the charts of acceptability it only leaves the conclusion that Meryl Dorey is an extremist. Nice work Ms. Dorey, you've successfully shown yourself to be unfamiliar with basic tenets of civil society and rule of law. 


You do not have a "right" to have your ridiculous event at any given commercial venue. This is called "freedom." Freedom of those who own and run those venues to choose not to be associated with you and your harmful agenda.
Accusation of censorship comes as more Australian venues cancel seminars by US anti-vaccination campaigner Sherri Tenpenny
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Look at it this way: it's a "teachable moment!" Perhaps we need more civics and debate classes for adults in community colleges. Champions of causes and policies must have the basics, 

What one really wants is a better class of opponent, so one can respectfully debate issues which aren't complete nonsense.
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Richard Walker

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what do we think... good, bad, indifferent?
The nomination of Michelle K. Lee hands Silicon Valley a key victory and ends a two-year tussle for the agency's leadership.
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Richard Walker

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New study bolsters notion that memory is fragile and aggressive police interrogations don’t always serve justice.
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Thanks for the mention +Richard Walker. Glad you enjoyed the show :D
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Richard Walker

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Time to quarantine all the #antivaxxers  
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Not sure about that, if we isolate the anti-vaxers together, don't we just create a place for polio, whooping cough and measles to morph into worse diseases and possibly overcome our vaccines.
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Richard Walker

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In a time when IBM has been dumping its x86 server business, and the mainframe would seem a relic of a bygone day, Big Blue took five years and invested a..
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From the #howdoigetthatjob department. :-D
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Richard Walker

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Summary. Gunmen have attacked the offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris; Twelve people have been killed, four are seriously injured; Paris has been placed on the highest level of alert following the attack; President Hollande called it an act of "extreme barbarity" ...
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Richard Walker

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Las Vegas Downtown Project: Techtopia, Technocult or real estate play?

Required reading: Nellie Bowles’ excellent 7-part series on re/code 

The Promised Land

Hundreds leave behind families and homes to follow a charismatic leader to a newly formed utopia of sorts in the desert. Obsession with happiness comes from the top. Pressure to succeed, isolation, and separation from family and friends may have contributed to three suicides.  If that doesn’t ring any alarm bells for you, what about a newly minted organizational methodology in which “tension sensors” take direction from their “lead link?”

Managers are no longer needed, the leadership function is now distributed. The result: faster, more appropriate decisions by more engaged and autonomous workers.

Holacracy® — the r is not for religion

Bowles’  seventh and last part in the series includes this:

...they were fiercely debating how to explain to me a Holacracy concept called “circle elections.” The conversation had escalated.“That’s not how I’d define it at all!” said one young Zappos employee named Alexis. “What you’re saying is not Holacracy,” another responded. Hsieh interjected: “If this were Holacracy, this would not be allowed.”

I don’t think Hsieh is the next L. Ron Hubbard but my initial fascination with the project transformed to something more like my feelings about cults. I genuinely feel sorry for those who get caught up and then spit out, laid off, defunded, expelled, excommunicated. 


The compelling visions of a new future and wildly enthusiastic ideas about how members can realize their dreams are perhaps too ambitious. Success may be found and quickly lost. The abrupt shutdown of Factorli is not a good sign, because it was about more than a website or online service. It requires major upfront expenditure on machines and skilled labor to do one-off manufacturing, an industry which we have as a nation outsourced to China.

We do still have some high-quality specialized manufacturing operations, where a single highly skilled person can’t be replaced by a thousand who are un- or lesser-skilled. But those operations are not “startups” and their clients are not looking to China for cheaper knockoffs.

Onward and upward, or at least sideways

In the meanwhile, tech startups and the associated excesses and follies continue to capture the attention of the nation. Who am I to burst the bubble? It’s not a bubble! And if it is a bubble, it already burst, it’s too late.

It could also be a mirage, which after disappearing reveals 60 acres of blighted real estate with a newly appraised value at quite a markup. $200 of the $350 million was allotted to real estate investments. Everyone aboard the train for Detroit! Even more cheap real estate and bigger concessions and promises from Motor City’s mayor, desperate to solve its financial crisis. The titular question remains unanswered. 

One, all three, none of the above? Tell me what you think is the answer.
Tony Hsieh, the charismatic CEO of, invested 0 million into turning Las Vegas into a startup. Buying 60 acres, setting up his own school, his own medical clinic, his own venture fund and restaurants, Hsieh is creating an innovation city in his own image. It is strange. And it is struggling. But it's the most ambitious experiment in building a 21st century utopian city in the U.S. In this <strong>Re/code</strong> special series, we expl...
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Planting false memories fairly easy, psychologists find | Toronto Star

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Czech beer.
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Pro tip: to return a car after hours, pay the cashier a small fixed fee, $15 I think, and make a note of your gas tank level and odometer.
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