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Jeremy Nguyen

After eight sessions, my players are routinely throwing 4+ dice on every action roll. That’s a 93%+ success rate. Any consequences I throw at them are just resisted. I fear future scores will lack a lot of drama. What can I do?

Loving the game so far! Here is a gameplay question:

A PC tries to use Finesse to jump over the moon. As GM, I declare that’s silly and impossible, so no roll is allowed. But what if a Tier 0 PC tries to use Command on a Tier 3 Mob boss. Does the GM have the right to declare that being silly and impossible? What if the mark is a Tier 6 deity? In a situation where it might be possible, even if it’s one-in-a-million longshot, must the roll allowed? Sure, I could set the effect level at No Effect, but once the roll is allowed, the players have the mechanical tools so that it becomes a real possibility that they will succeed.
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