We hit the comment limit! If you weren't able to sign up for our technology circle and would like to, please comment below. If you already have, no need to do so again. Everything will launch early next week, so consider yourself circled.

Okay, G+ followers. Let's try something different.

We understand you're all not interested in the same things. Next week, we'll start testing different topic circles. First up will be technology. We promise not to bombard our tech followers with content, but we'll want be more active here than we are with our general feed.

To join, simply let us know you're interested in this comment thread. THE CATCH: You've got to make sure you've circled us first, or we can't circle you. SORRY!

Note: We're hoping in time, G+ will allow us to open up circles with an "Add Yourself" feature, but until then, it'll have to be manual. So bear with us. We'll add you as quickly as possible.

- +Allie Townsend
TIME Social Media Producer
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