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Gian Paolo Galasi

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'Imponderabilia XXV: Costretti a Sanguinare'

From a drawing by Andrea Chiesi with the same title, which is 'Coherced to Bleed'. I'd love to be more naked than that - this is why I don't use textures here, but this is what I have got for this sunday afternoon/night from my camera and digital darkroom. I can't tell why but while examining the website of one of my favourite models, and reading an interview she made to the photographer of a session she had for an Italian magazine, I felt the need to go deeper into this sensation. More in the next days.
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Gian Paolo Galasi

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Imponderabilia XXII: Blood

A feeling coming from a photo by Antoine D’Agata.
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Imponderabilia XX: Something That Comes From Within.

Bernardo Bertolucci when working at 'Last Tango in Paris' used this phrase to describe Francis Bacon painted faces. I just wanted my face as somewhere between painted texture and photography. This is for Francesca again, and it is inspired by a panel from a Francis Bacon August 1972 - the year before I born - triptych.
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Gian Paolo Galasi

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'Granma Cooks Prawns on Sundays' - A note standing out on a rundabout road sign praising an old lady gastronomic abilities, while under every public clock of the small town the word PRAWNS has been placed through red paint. Possibly a warning for the inhabitants.
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Gian Paolo Galasi

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Imponderabilia XXVI: Immortal

"I have ten days and I remember …. the terrible explosion that breaks the night sky, and causes rain to fall inside the hospital is not a strike or a mortar, an artillery or a gun shot or a bomb … it’s the thunder of my first storm. A wrath of the heaven that makes me feel better, even if it is more impressive than the fire of men ….. because I’m an orphan of ten days glad to hear that nature is stronger than them. That same day, the day 10, a nurse deposits a package on the big white bed, between Amir and me. This package of just a few hours is called Leyla Mirkovic … for the first time, we are meeting all three. Our heads next to each other, and our bodies anxious as the rays of a star …. I start listening to the sounds of our lives. I’m the eldest, for ten days, the orphan boy who loves happy Leyla, who loves Amir and loves the roar of the sky in anger."
Immortel Ad Vitam - Museum Scene (Sigur Ros - Hjartao Hamast)
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Gian Paolo Galasi

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Imponderabilia XXIII: Parasites

I have encountered several attempts to abuse my mind. By my family when I was a young teen since I was bisexual and they wanted a normal guy, and then when I grew up by other people. It happens only because you seem disposable, sad but true - there are things that are always working under our skin. I worked for people with disabilities, and I saw several times people playing with me just to make me shut up and let the business go his own way, on other people's skin - there was people refusing to collaborate with us for this reason, since the public opinion doesn't move in these cases, they are considered lost causes, sad, but true. I ain't able to put no one under a process for the moment, but I am alive and well, and this is something I want to tell to people similar to me: never give up. You don't have to feel sick. You can get over it. This photo is after I saw Cedric Kahn's "L'ennui", which is nicer than Moravia novel to me, and some other D'Agata photos I was checking this afternoon. On the other side there are good parasites, as sex, love, and the smell of your own risks, and they can help you to become more aware and able to go beyond every barrier.
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Gian Paolo Galasi

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Between us: Thomas Pynchon sucks.
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Gian Paolo Galasi

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Movies worth seeing: 

Fucking Amal by Lucas Moodysson
Les Filles Ne Savent Pas Nager by Anne-Sophie Birot (♥)
Whatever Lola Wants by Nabil Ayouch with music by Natacha Atlas and Transglobal Underground
Les Choristes by Christophe Barratier (I'm seeing it now)
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