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Rending the Veil
the Art of Self-Transformation
the Art of Self-Transformation


Grand Opening of our new brick & mortar store begins March 20, 2015. Come participate at 260 Oakland Ave., Baytown, TX 77520. If you're interested in being a Special Guest, call 281-624-9650 and leave a detailed message, and I'll return your call.

We're a real bootstrap operation, completely low-tech until we determine our ability to make a go of this, but we have some of the most amazing pieces of art you've ever seen. Not just paintings, but sculptures and more, and the scale is sometimes huge. These pieces were selected by David Adams and Alex Chapman, and Houston designers knew their shop was the place to go when they needed something truly unique. David recently passed away, and now these pieces are once again available.

We also have a large occult lending library, currently offer tarot readings, and hope to offer a gradually increasing stock of ritual magick supplies.
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“Magick in Theory” is a peer review, online journal exploring historical and theoretical magic. We approach magic from an emic perspective, which is to say that we may or may not practice magic, but we respect the worldviews of those who do and try to see the practice from their perspective. Our mission is to support the academic and intellectual study of magic, and to carve out a place for reason, rationality, as well as inspiration and experience, in the study of magic. Ultimately, “Magick in Theory” strives to apply the best features of the peer review process to the study of magic, in order to encourage, promote, and advance research in the magical arts. Submit papers to

“Magick in Theory” is designed as an academic journal, but has no affiliation with any academic institution, nor should any personal or professional affiliation on the part of any member of the volunteer editorial board be construed as representing an endorsement of “Magick in Theory” by any particular institution.


“Magick in Theory” is looking for articles and essays about the study and theory of magic. Acceptable topics include:

The application of socio-cultural theory to magical practice;
Historical analysis and research;
Translations and explanations of previously untranslated magical texts;
Magical experiments and operations;
Interdisciplinary essays on magic and its relationship to other academic or cultural areas;
Personal essays with a critical (in the academic sense) bent.

We are not looking for:
Spells, how-to, or rituals that do not have a historical context or significance (submit these to “Magick in Practice” instead);
Made-up, fantasized, or channeled texts (unless accompanied with a heavy dose of critical analysis or historical significance);
Rants, screeds, diatribes.

All submissions must adhere to the following guidelines:
All texts in Word format. No PDFs or unusual file formats. They will be deleted unread.
There is no firm limits on size, but suitable articles will tend to fall between 2500 and 7500 words.
Include a header that includes your name, your pseudonym (if relevant) in parentheses after your real name, and any academic affiliation you want mentioned.
Your name or other identifying information should not appear elsewhere in the text.
All submissions must adhere to the Chicago Manual of Style. Use in-text citations — not footnotes or endnotes — and a properly formatted references page.
Do not quote more than 100 words from any individual source.
Any quotation or use of an idea not your own must be cited properly in Chicago Manual of Style format.
If you use any images, also submit proof that you own the right to use that image or have secured that right from the owner.
If you are submitting a translation, identify the source of the original text and, if applicable, provide proof that you have the legal right to do the translation.
Edit, proofread, and polish your writing before submitting.

The procedure for selection is as follows:
Your name will be stripped off and two copies will be sent to anonymous reviewers.
They will write a 100-200 word response, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and offering a recommendation.
If the reviewers agree that the essay should be published, it may be returned to you for edits or proofreading.
Whether published or not, the reviewers’ comments will be forwarded to you.
You will not receive monetary compensation for the publication of your article.

Submission email address:
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"Magick in Practice" seeks experimental rites, rituals, spells, and magical operations for peer testing and review. This is an "anything goes" type of column. We will post a new experiment irregularly as they become available, and the goal is for our readers to take this experiment, try it out, and report back in comments (or other forums, as they arrive) about the modifications they made (if any), and the results they achieved. General guidelines for reporting back are approximately 30 days, though if you have results sooner, by all means report immediately.

This column is in development, and Experiment One can be found here: Send your suggested rituals or spells to Include as many details as necessary or appropriate, and specify in what portions modifications are welcome. Include your name, email address, and byline (if different) in the actual document. Submit in the body of an email or in Word document format only. Images are allowed; attach to email. If you intend images to be published with the ritual, please ensure large, high resolution images. Images must be clear and well lit. If you are modifying a ritual found in a publication, include original sources in full reference format, including any hyperlinks. Endnotes, footnotes, or in-text citations are allowed as long as full reference information is included (ISBN#, author(s) names, date of publication, publisher, et al). If inspired by popular culture, please describe source material and where/how it can be accessed or referenced.
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Have you ever traveled/worked the festival circuit?
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Remember when you said you'd donate later/soon? Is it time yet? I still need your help. Cool art stuff or sessions.
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You can now "Like" Meridjet on FB here: I guess by now this is a little late....
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