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Passionate about Politics, Gaming, Theater,Music. & Film
Passionate about Politics, Gaming, Theater,Music. & Film

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Does anyone know what this purple flower is?
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Omfg Chester Bennington? Wow. Mental health is incredibly important. Society needs to remember that.

I've seen a lot of talk about how "normal" people should govern now. As someone who studies politics, law, and intends to run for office at some point, I have some words about this.

~Government needs people who understand the law, history, foreign policy, and the like. If a Trump presidency has taught the general public anything, it should be this.
~The government also needs people who are passionate about specific issues or genuinely representing their constituents.
~Government also needs the active participation of the average person.

An ideal democratic system has balance. A diverse group of people can and should play a variety of roles at all levels of government.

Think of this:

Not every average Jane is ignorant to politics.
Not every lawyer is ignorant to the plight of the middle class.
The list of "not every" goes on and on.

You want to elect the professor or the iron worker? Do it! They bring something valuable to the table.

Remember balance. Support people that you think would be the best representative for you. Just remember that it is beneficial for everyone if politicians have some sort of related experience. Do you really think your doctor could provide great insight into the healthcare system? Then support them! Encourage them to run for state Senate.

You know why many New Yorkers are appalled at how many people voted for Trump? Because most of us wouldn't vote for him in any lower office.

Ask yourself this:
~ Would I vote for this person for mayor or town supervisor?
~ Am I actually participating in the government system that I want more people like me to be represented in?
~ What's the absolute worst that can happen?

Your answers to these questions mean a lot.

Finally!!! A woman! #DoctorWho

Any liberal who watched the Superbowl could've predicted this electoral outcome. #justsaying

You know what annoys me? When people say woman [insert job title here]. Imagine someone saying a man nurse, a man teacher, or a man lawyer. It's ridiculous. One is a doctor or politician regardless whether one is male, female, or has another gender identity. If you MUST denote someone's gender, at least do it properly. There's a big difference between a women's doctor and a female doctor.

For what it's worth, I don't think this is just a minor thing because putting "woman" as a qualifier on a job title reinforces men as the norm for that position.


I really think Amazon acquiring whole foods is a good move. I hope it means that nutritious food will become more accessible for people with a variety of budgets. 

Apparently Pence doesn't realize that adult women use the language they choose of their own volition. Whether one is a construction worker, a senator, a lawyer, a teacher, or a dancer, no woman needs her husband to teach her the word fuck.

Communication is a beautiful thing that evolves and is open to all. Emphatic language conveys its own message. Implying that women don't have the capacity for a spectrum of vocabulary is considerably more profane than the word fuck ever will be. 

New York- where our senators keep it real and tell you when things are fucked up. 😊

Apparently Columbia Law School's website went down after Comey referenced a professor in his testimony. Imagine if people were just as keen to research what Comey said prior to the election. 
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