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A man with a plan (To be announced)


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+Nitsan Simantov FYI these red circled spots that I notice at small apertures in your video look very similar to dust on the sensor on my cameras.
They are slightly less distinct in this JPEG'd image, but they are there.

I really do like your videos - I'm not trying to have dig, I'm literally just sayin'.

Have a good one.
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+Ibarionex Perello the host of The Candid Frame podcast ( recently selected one of my photos for one of his YouTube videos  ( Leading Lines) where he uses images from the The Candid Frame Flickr group ( to discuss various themes, techniques and elements of photography and photographs.

I get a little kick when someone who I respect as a photographer thinks on of my images is worth comment or discussion, so I'm really chuffed.

If you are not familiar with The Candid Frame, aka TCF, I can not recommend it strongly enough. It is without doubt the best photography podcast available and has been for some years. Actually its one of the best podcasts of any genre, hands down.

Each TCF episode Ibarionex interviews a photographer. They might be well known or relatively unknown, they might be amateur or pro, commercial, fine art, fashion, editorial, PJs or any other kind of photographer. It doesn't matter - they're all interesting.
Ibarionex is one of the finest interviewers I have heard on any media - probably because he loves the subject and genuinely enjoys the conversation, unlike the "professional media" interviewers who may not really enjoy their guests or topics. His questions show this and his guests respond to this genuine interest and insight.

TCF is not about gear or basic technique.
TCF is about photographers, their work, their approach, their life, their careers, their motivations and their struggles. What makes them shoot and how they approach their art, craft and subjects.

If you are getting past or past the stage of learning basic technique and have moved toward the more interesting and difficult questions of photography then I think you will enjoy and gain benefit and value from TCF.

So go and subscribe via:
- the iTunes store (
- the TCF app for Android (
- the iOS app (

Go on, do it now. You won't regret it.

Oh here's the shot.
Hope you like it too.

Tech details:
Shot on a Nikon D750 with a Samyang 24mm ƒ/3.5 tilt-shift at ƒ/16 for 2/3rds of a second. The lens is fully manual, focus and aperture. You need to manually open the aperture ring to compose and then manually stop down to shoot.

The shift mechanism was rotated to allow horizontal shift and used to create a pano that is two frames wide from three shots.
Using the shift mechanism eliminates the usual parallex and perspective problems that panorama shooting can entail and makes it very easy for your software to stitch.
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#DDTVPC19 - The Footy Crowd

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This month's challenge should be trivial:
Out of focus fine art.

The out of focus bit?
About 95% of my shots are OOF OOC (out of focus our of the camera) without any special effort on my part.... I'm the only person I know who can get bokeh (on the subject!!) at 10mm ƒ/16!!

The only hard part will be the fine art bit... 

EDIT: ooooooh - make it black and white - that's fine art, isn't it?

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Jason T commented on a post on Blogger.
Yeah I'm 6 years behind the times...

Are you going to adjust for inflation?
Or are you gonna stick to $2 for life.
Like when your 80 and tottering around on your zimmer frame or zooming around on your segway or maybe even just diddy bopping along, and $2 won't buy you a newspaper (if such things exist then ) are you still gonna pay $2?

I understand the payment is token - I guess I'm just asking when you say you're gonna pay $2  "for the rest of my life" do you mean "for the REST IF MY LIFE"?, do you mean exactly $2 or do you mean you will always pay a token fee (which might be adjusted as inflation takes hold)?
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2014 Mc Claren Vale Vintage and Classic
4 Photos - View album

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Unboxing of Nikon Nikkor 6mm f/2.8 Ai Fisheye.

This lens has a 220 degree field of view
I.e. it can effectively see behind the front element.

I soooo admire the engineers.if the 50s, 60s and 70s.
Fastest, highest,manned space flight, freeze dried icecrean and Velcro - they did all the superlatives.

Then again, they also had Cold War R&D budgets behind them.

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