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Powering the Seamless Supply Chain
Powering the Seamless Supply Chain

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Today on Supply Chain Nation, our guest blogger, Aberdeen analyst Bob Heaney talks about event-driven replenishment and warehouse workforce management. Read on to learn more:  

New capabilities announced today in JDA Flowcasting empower manufacturers and retailers to create their most accurate forecasts, increasing their ability to profitably sell across multiple channels. Learn more:

ChainLink Research’s Ann Grackin says: new methods and labor processes that are event and customer driven are more crucial than ever before. Learn why: 

In Part 7 of his Supply Chain Nation series, Mega Retail's Shai Garber discusses demand and fulfillment blocking & tackling – the supply chain pillars. Read it here: 

As competition increases, retailers and manufacturers are challenged to drive maximum profitability out of their very limited shelf space. myPG ensures that consumers will find what they are looking for when they enter their local store, which is essential to success in today’s omni-channel world:

JDA’s John Fullmer asks: are we playing Sudoku or forecasting a business? In today’s Supply Chain Nation blog:     

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It’s really an omni channel world, and we just live in it! Read today’s Supply Chain Nation blog post from ChainLink Research’s Ann Grackin:

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Aberdeen's Bob Heaney says radical growth from bulk fulfillment to B2C direct end consumer fulfillment has resulted in a need for more dynamic and complex picking processes. 

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Discover the concepts that have become central to emerging business models, today on Supply Chain Nation.

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Today on Supply Chain Nation, Mega Retail's Shai Garber says that the core functions of demand and fulfillment management must be in sync on a continuous basis. Find out why collaboration is so important:
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