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Just wanted to let you know that my profile pic isn't me its a tumblr girl.., I don't want to upload my picture for personal reasons but anyways just wanted to let you know! xox-Mari

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Have you watched @macbarbie07 youtube video on "Airplane/Traveling Hair, Makeup, Outfit!+My Carry on essentials "yet? Its amazing, great tips anyone can use for traveling! xox-Mari

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I know its summer, but how adorable is the casual outfilt for spring? I just love, love, love it! Coment below on your thoughts on this outfilt and where you would wear it to! xox -Mari

Hi everyone! This is my beauty blog! On this blog I will share OOTD, recent beauty purchases, organization tips, and photos that I felt I needed to share with you that will obviously have to do with beauty. Anyways follow/subscribe to me, you will not regret it!
  Stay Beautiful! <3
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