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Jason Allman (TheHangingBrain)
"If you're going to miss Heaven, why miss it by two inches? Miss it!" - Sam Kinison
"If you're going to miss Heaven, why miss it by two inches? Miss it!" - Sam Kinison

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EVERYBODY STEP THE FUCK BACK! I'm about to burrito. 

Come on, Microsoft, at least deny the rumors of a Titanfall themed Xbox One console if it's not true. I would like to know if I'm wasting my time waiting.

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Watching Queens of the Stone Age play their new album live on NPR. I can honestly say that this is the album they were always supposed to make. It's felt like all of their albums were leading up to this. It's a very rare thing for a band to put out their best album this late in their catalog, but they've done it. This is without a doubt the best album of this year. Can't wait to hold it in my hand.

Why the hell do people release more than 1 or 2 episodes of a podcast per month? I appreciate the desire to keep a fanbase happy, but it makes for an iPod backed up with podcasts. The average podcast listener probably has at least 5 different shows that they listen to (quite a bit more myself), and if all of those shows are releasing an episode a week or more, that's at least 100 episodes a month to keep up with. Not to mention the fact that many of these podcasts burn bright for a while and then burn out because they're overdoing it and run out of creative juice. I firmly believe that less is more in this case. Always leave them wanting more.

If you're not watching Hannibal, you're really missing out on a great show. It's not completely canon from what I understand, but the show gives a very interesting take on the origins of Hannibal Lecter and crime procedural dramas on the whole. Check it out. Hopefully it'll start getting some love before it's cancelled after one season. I mean, it has an 8.4 star rating on IMDB, and that's really saying something. If you have Hulu Plus, the back episodes are streamable, but online only.

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This guy is amazing!


After eating a horribly fattening meal, nothing makes a better dessert than a nice slice of self-loathing, lovingly drizzled with regret and sprinkled festively with disgust. The depression garnish is optional.

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A man can add 13 years to his life by removing his testicles. So, married men, you've got that going for you.
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