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Jennie Gorman
'The People Connector'.As a professional networker Jennie educates SME's on relationship building.
'The People Connector'.As a professional networker Jennie educates SME's on relationship building.


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Being AUTHENTIC and REAL is the most important thing you can be!
Find out 'What does it mean to be Authentic' on:

#Mastermind #Authenticity

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Want to know HOW to deal with difficult customers? Join us on the next Power Hour on Tuesday, 5th September and I'll show you ways to overcome difficult customers!

BOOK your seat NOW thru Paypal OR Eventbrite

#PowerHour #DifficultCustomer
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Do you know the importance of having a GOOD Business Card? Business Card is your shop window, It shows who YOU are and what YOU do. You will be judged on your business card.

Sharing "7 Important Things for GOOD Business Cards" -

#BusinessCard #Networking

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Who is your #tribe? Have you found yours yet?
There are some simple rules to finding and creating your own tribe.
Check out my article and find out HOW "Tribes can change the world" -

#Authenticity #RelationshipBuilding

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How are you at Building Business Relationship? Are you successful now as a networker?

Take this 'self-analysis' guide and discover HOW effective you are at this present time and how you can become more successful in the future.

Click on the link below:

#BusinessRelationship #MasterMind #Networking

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You may wonder ‘What traits does a great networker have to have to help their tribe/ community to move to the next level and make them truly outstanding at what they do?’

Here is my list in a little detail of some of the qualities that make a networker stand out:

#Networking #Success #Accountability

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Starting a new business is an exciting time for anyone who has a wish to do something that is their passion or has been a hobby in the past. So, I would like to share my 10 Tips for someone wishing to start a new business.

Read more on:

#Masterminding #Business #Accountability #Growth #Success #BusinessRelationship #PersonalRelationship #Authenticity #BeREAL #AuthenticSelf #Networking #BusinessNetworking

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"Today, I'll be sharing the difference between Networking & Masterminding.
Read on my article below to find out more!
Be aware that your business will depend on your actions – whether negative or positive.

Click Here:

#Networking #Masterminding #Success #Strategy #BusinessRelationship #Growth #Accountability"

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