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Present and accounted for.
Present and accounted for.

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Try Cat Sounds, an app with cat sounds: market://details?

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Just munched 16265 dots in Eat Crazy Dots #EatCrazyDots #Android #agarMy high score is 36178.

Just munched 8363 dots in Eat Crazy Dots #EatCrazyDots #Android #agar YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Just munched 6418 dots in Eat Crazy Dots #EatCrazyDots #Android #agar I done better than that I scored 8009 before.

I installed Sparky last night and did a full upgrade. Then I installed Pantheon, which broke my network. I now have a Upgrade System icon and a synaptic icon on a blank desktop and no network connection. I hard reset the computer and logged back in to LXQT. Still no network. I logged in to Openbox, no network.

Cables are good, I can see my router and the router can see the internet. Every other computer in the house (4) work great.

Any ideas?

I just played and got a length of 56970! Can you beat that? I mean that's a lot for no mods installed right?!! 

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I just played and got a length of 56970! Can you beat that? I I don't believe it I beat my high score of 49897

You have to take seriously the notion that understanding the universe is your responsibility, because the only understanding of the universe that will be useful to you is your own understanding. - Terence McKenna

In old times, when it was asked, ‘‘How can we abolish slavery?’’ the answer was ‘‘Quit stealing." - Frederick Douglass, 1894.

Although we believe that public education should equip students with skills to enter the workplace, it should also educate them to contest workplace inequalities, imagine democratically organized forms of work, and identify and challenge those injustices that contradict and undercut the most fundamental principles of freedom, equality, and respect for all people who make up the global public sphere. - Giroux and Giroux
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