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Anteater (Ain)

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hey nice ur here...(•^∆^•)

I'm Ain! Its my real name...its pronounced like Eye-inn ...if you call me ayy-in I will. Actually Kill You to Death. Don't. ( .\ /.)

I like ((BMW X6 CAR ID IT)) manga, romance genre, kdrama..bjdolls..RPG games ,capitalism, makeup and the occasional kpop. I'm also interested in creating my own YouTube content

(gong yoo, ann fomt, doctor mfomt. ← waifus)

I dislike pessimists, drama, porn, L, pigs, dogs, gay peppel, STRESS AND ANGER..and jellybeans. They suck

basic info;
>southeast asian

\(• ^ •)/ ((cool fact.. If I have ever used a weeb emoticon with you u are probably close to me..they're hard to type)))

*Holonis : @anteater-ain
ALTs : +Ain​*​**​**​**​*​​
Discord: ANNIHILATION#5670
sarahah: (seeend me stuff)

ok bye
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+MILYUHNAIRE this girl
"i was just calling to check up on you"
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this account is so sad :( i dont like anything abt this acc tbh :(
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alex so fucking cute pretty I want to touch his hair
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I met a ripped guy and cried
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comes home after a good day of hard work to talk to my e-bf
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people are really. Horny rn uhh
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old rich men
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oh gosh I . just Love. Him
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Hi, I'm Lydia

I love,
👕 sweaters
🃏 witches
🐈 cats
✒ drawing
👫👭 my friends
💚 the colour green
🍄 mushrooms (they are pretty)
🎵 music
🌂 the rain
☕ tea
🍚 Chinese food
👢 my Doc Martens
🌊 the beach
🌲 playing in the forest

I'm into art, music, fashion and all of thetagsuisdh you get it.
I like my instagram bio so im pasting that here too:
Lydia the nympho. Amon Tobin is God. Send memes not nudes. Stop talking and ESKETIT. Don't overthink it. Buzz me boy 🗽

okay, I'm really depressed all the time but I'm doing my best to get better. I try not to rant too much. I go to therapy, I try my best to always find the positives. thinking "tomorrow will be better" might make your tomorrow better.
I don't know what i want

feel free to hmu

picture is me in my bad taste clothes and punk ass bitch tongue

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My Characters
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