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Gumbercules? I love that guy!
Gumbercules? I love that guy!

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Angus and Walnut give their review of The Last Painting of Sara de Vos

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Angus' thoughts on The Vegetarian by Han Kang. Walnut's to follow.

Can this be done by Ultradox:

I would like Ultradox to create a fortnightly pay record for each of our staff members. The data would be uploaded into a Google sheet. Within that sheet, there could be multiple entries per employee as they may have completed multiple jobs, over various days. When running the process, I would like the following to occur:

1. Each employee's pay record would be generated as a Google Doc format.
2. Each employee's pay record would be saved to google drive within that employee's file folder with the current date as its document name.
3. If the employee does not yet have a file folder created (because they have not been paid yet), then a file folder would be created in Google Drive with the user's email as the file folder name.


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Picture perfect day in Harbour city.

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Seal pup catching some rays.

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An evening in Eastbourne 

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I follow Jazza on YouTube. In addition to his cartoon work, which I love, he also does a lot of art challenges (e.g. draw with your non-dominant hand, draw with only crayons, draw outside your style, etc.). This one was the photo-realistic challenge of drawing the new iPhone 7. I think he pretty much nailed it.

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I foresee a butt-load of court challenges from regional councils on this. Given the fact that there are regions, such as Hawks Bay, that don't even chemically treat their water (cue the gastrointestinal bug of late), or other regions that refuse to fluoridate their water, there are a lot of proponents of the 100% Natural NZ mantra.

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a fantastic way to end the "winter", on Maupuia Walkway.
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