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What areas of the U.S. are currently still receiving portal reviews?

My last Bastion of Hope, Cleveland, has run out of portals to review. I have gotten to review exactly 3 today, and now no more come. I am stuck at 9820 agreements, tantalizingly close to onyx. Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Philly are all out.

Could we... just randomly get portals at a wider range than our locations? I think I know enough about reviewing that I could handle just about anything in the US and Canada.

Can we get better rejection emails?

ie: If Location being 1-starred was the primary reason for the rejection, can this be indicated? Same with other categories. I think that'd be good. I know it wouldn't help for things that get 1-starred off the bat, but it'd be nice to have a little more information.

The checkpoint value on the home page of OPR seems to be busted again, +NIA Ops

Suggestion: If previous reviewers have chosen a new location for a portal, be able to see and select from those locations.

I did the legwork (took about 5-6 minutes) to find a statue on a riverwalk the other day, using background and other context clues. I still wasn't 100% sure. Later, another player I knew posted about the same portal, and having to ask locals. He was able to find the one street view that could kinda see the statue in a distance. My placement agreed with his, but if he were able to see it ahead of time, he might have saved some time. I'm sure this is a common occurance.

+NIA Ops

It would be nice if after rating 1-star for "Should this be a portal?" we get a follow up question on why. Ie: "Good portal, but has car parts in the picture."

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TIL: I can't draw a zebra, and Google can't recognize a cannon.
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