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After looking at lots of different scrapbook papers, contact paper, even fabrics, and not finding anything in the scale I wanted, I pondered whether I wanted to paint the wood grain, or print it out myself. I was standing in a dollar store while thinking…

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At last! I have finally made some progress in the doll closet! You may wonder what took me so long. Allow me to explain my procrastination. (With lots of pictures!) If you haven’t a clue what I’m talking about, check out part 1 here.  :) You can see…

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What happens when a box shows up in the doll room? Paige and Martina are the first to discover it. Let’s see what happens! Will Paige, Martina, and Felix figure out what happened to the mystery mannequins? IS there a fashion store in the works? and what…

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Half of my latest series, the "Rose" series of Hitty dolls, were sold as fast as I could make them, check out the other half now available on ebay!

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Bratz, Monster High, Hitty dolls, Moxie Girlz, Luts, ResinSoul, MSDoll, FairyLand, MiniFee, LittleFee, Multi Head, BJDs, American Girl AG, Journey Girls, My Twinn dolls with handmade polymer clay play food cookies. Yes they can all get along and share snacks, if you have enough of them!  :)
Doll food - Valentine cookies
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Treat your dolls to some sweet cookies for Valentine's Day!

Finally starting to get over the lovely flu that someone was kind enough to give me for Christmas! This means I will be starting a new batch of dolls very shortly!  :)

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Check me out in an awesome Halloween treasury! I love it!! #etsy #Halloween #Jack-o-Lantern #Tiny

Sweet! I was selected for another Etsy treasury! Check it out!
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