Christian Carey, writing at Sequenza 21/, reveals the cover art for Nonesuch's forthcoming release of Steve Reich's WTC 9/11. He has heard the piece, which is more than I can claim, and writes:

"For those who’ve tired of the languid sentimentality and unfortunate jingoism that has too often been attached to 9/11 by those who’ve been witnesses from a distance, Reich’s response is an affecting tribute, both to those lost and to the New Yorkers left behind."

The cover art is neither sentimental nor jingoistic, but it strikes me as more direct in its confrontation of the events of that day than we have been used to in public recently. I suspect it will be controversial, at least in some circles, either because it is seen as insensitive to those most directly affected by those events, or because it is perceived as insufficiently sentimental or patriotic jingoistic. The response, whatever it is, should be instructive. In any case, I'll be listening when this recording becomes available.
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