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Decided on a solution for the lighting above my desk. Currently, there are three track-lighting style lamps attached to a circular fixture in the ceiling. They are ugly and boring. They will be replaced by nine small pendant lamps whose position and lengths correspond to points on the fibonacci spiral.

So: 1", 1", 2", 3", 5", 8", 13", 21", 34" down from a translucent panel hanging 10" from the ceiling, traced with the aforementioned spiral (example: ). With a 10' ceiling, this puts the lowest hanging lamp 66" from the floor, in a position 76" from the floor, plenty high enough for most folks (+Jim Van Fleet notwithstanding) to pass under unhindered.

I feel good about this.
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Looks golden too. Almost looks logarithmic. 
Fibs been getting a lot of play lately. In the submeme somewhere. Post a pic when you're done. :)
still sourcing the plastic. got distracted by +Summer Plum 's LP—everything else got put on hold, then my vacation ended. :/
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