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Pen Tynan
All my work on Accessibility can be found at Access:LARP and Access:Check for more.
All my work on Accessibility can be found at Access:LARP and Access:Check for more.

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I'm enjoying free WiFi at the award winning 200 Degrees Coffee Shop 

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The Price of LARP
Periodically discussion of the cost of LARP comes up. Recently I've heard it mentioned in relation to new comers to the hobby being suprised at the cost of a ticket to a weekend fest event and in relation to an event with a £220 ticket.  Often this surprise...

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Your Accessibility Needs to be Accessible
I went swimming today as I do every week. I go to my local leisure centre
(local council run swimming baths and sports facilities for none UK readers)
and it’s generally OK. It is a recent build and they actually thought about
accessibility when building...

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The Quiet Protest (or 7 reasons people don't go to a demo)
Protests, demos and marches are everywhere right now, and for good reason. For many people the world has become a scary and unsafe place. For others there is anger and frustration over current affairs and politics. This is becoming a global issue, not isola...

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Guest post: Why These Fascists Are Not Like Those Fascists
A note from AxesnYarn: The following post is a guest post by a friend of mine. Inspired and rallied by their writing on their personal page I offered them a Guest Post spot. All that follow are their words. As always please comment and treat with respect.  ...

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Us and Them and Me
NB: This is quite a personal and emotional blog post. It is written in one go to express some very real experiences. It may not be scholarly, objective or properly cited but that makes it no less true or valid. Talk about the US election and indeed politics...

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There's no One Way
see an awful lot of blog posts and Facebook and Tumblr comments that
say something along the lines of "Vegans are stupid because they
do X" or "if vegans really cared about X then they'd Y".  It's
frustrating and insulting. For
starters it makes assumptio...

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Brontë Museum Response!
Following my Open Letter to the Brontë Parsonage Museum, I have had a response from them. I received a long letter yesterday in full reply - no standard template here. I won't be copying out the whole letter here but I do want to share some of it's content'...

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All over the internet!
Hello there! Axes n Yarn is my general blog. I've had it for several years and it's the place for writing about everything from vegan food to LARP to politics and of course accessibility. It's all a bit informal here and a place for me to get my thoughts an...

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The Language of the Paralympics
This post is really a PSA to be mindful of how you think and talk about the Paralympics and Paralympians. It is a reminder, primarily, that Paralympic athletes have lives outside of the games and that the games exist in a world with many other disabled peop...
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