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i'm still here.

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Thank you good sir for vanquishing the monkey on my back and given a proper burial to the nightmare that was Fentanyl...they put them on immediately in post op despite the blackbox warning to not give them to post op patients and then gave me a crazy high dosage and two weeks later? They tried to remove them and I had a grand mal it took about three hellish months navigating through tapering down to lower dosage each week and seeing evil creatures from dark lands ready to strike me down whenever they could...but they didn't...I defeated the evil hold the fentanyl had on me...I am free. And now that you killed the creature that might make me want to take more, it is done good sir! Your quest to avenge all the wrongs has cleansed my soul and I owe you a debt, a decree of sorts, a scroll of information about the terrible drug so if you ever come across it again, you will be forever protected from it's grip.

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Dear NBC's "Community" -- On this week's show you had a drag queen in it named "Urbana Champaign" ("Champaign" spelled just like it is at U. Illinois). Many of this think this is hilarious (really) but what's the back story? Why this place?

Interwebs!!! Help us! We can't find it using any and every search term possible on Google!!

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Have you started your novel in 30 days? Here's an excerpt of the beginning of my novel for this year...

It's been 19 years now to the day that the world lost a beautiful soul to a drunk forever colors this day for me. Don't drink and drive tonight. Just don't. Ever.

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Less than $800 to go before the game hits it's funding goal (and once it surpasses goal +Corvus Elrod promises to add some additional packages and, of course, you can always add more to your pledge). Come on everyone support BOARD GAME social gaming! :D

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Like innovative board games? My friend +Corvus Elrod is nearly at his funding goal through Kickstarter but there are only a few days left to donate to make this happen! Please help if you enjoy these games and want to see more of them! (Apologies for the cross posting on multiple social networks!)

Anyone ever have an incisional hernia (one beneath surgical scar tissue)? If so, do you remember what surgical techniques they used to fix it? I have massive scarring on my abdomen from multiple surgeries and it's under the widest scar (of course) so they said a laparoscopy was out of the question, that it would have to be more invasive to prepare it. Mainly I'm just curious if anyone has been in this situation that I have found myself in and what their experiences were in getting it repaired (it definitely needs repairing -- I'm already starting to get some bad news symptoms suggesting it might be on it's way to getting strangulated (I've had two intestinal obstructions that required emergency surgery so I know all the symptoms by now...). Thanks everyone!
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