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Horus Heresy 30k Event Report "Face of Oblivion": Myrmidons and the Mad Magos march to war. Warning! Post may contain army pics galore!
Trip report from the EyeofHorusPodcast event "Face of Oblivion" Once again Brisbane has shown its strong 30k form with another awesome event. Tim and Michael from the Eye of Horus Podcast hosted a 1 day event at the Magic Vault here in sunny Brizvegas and a...

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Horus Heresy 30k Briscon Trip Report: Dark Mechanicus Ascendent and finally fully painted!
The Briscon 30k event has come and gone! 2 days of a
narrative 30k event run by the lads at Pubhammer Brisbane. I decided to attend
this event right at the last minute and really only had about a week and a half
to list crunch and then paint and assemble wh...

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Horus Heresy 30k Projects, Mechanicus and getting ready for Briscon : Dark Mechanicus Painting Part 4 + Painting an Atrapos in 2 Days.
Briscon is quickly approaching and Operation Molten Storm 30k event with it! A narrative 2 day 30k event with 5 games played and lots of cool dudes looking to roll dice with other cool dudes. Army lists are 2.5k with a optional LOW slot............. shit......

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Horus Heresy 30k Projects, Mechanicum and Raven Guard: Dark Mechanicum Legio Cybernetica Painting Part 3 and Part 1 Raven Guard
My love for killer robots is unending and as such I have got my hands on some new addition to my Dark Mechanicum 30k army. I couldn't help myself and with a cheeky Myrmidon Destroyer unit for a solid addition to my Zone Mortalis lists, also a Macrotek with ...

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AOS Death Malignant and Nighthaunt Army Project Part 2: "Spooksville"
Finished up a solid chunk of the Malignant army I was painting up, even got a bunch of games in with it and they performed really well. The addition of the Mourngul was the right move as it allows me to munch through tougher units or break down smaller ones...

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Death Guard Horus Heresy 30k Project: Part 2, Weathering Heights
New post for the new year! I finished weathering and painting for my nascent Death Guard 30k Heresy force. Painting these guys has been an absolute treat and hence the quick completion time for once. Nothing like smashing out the core troops and a HQ so you...

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Death Guard Horus Heresy 30k Project: Part 1 "What Paint Scheme?"
New year incoming so it feels like just the right time for a new project! Enter a Death Guard 30k Army to the list of things I start and have trouble finishing then! I will be building this force up to a 3k point all kitting up to use the Sacrificial Traito...

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AOS Death Malignant and Nighthaunt Army Project Part 1: "Spooky Spooks"
So I have caught the AOS bug pretty hardcore and so has my local club, we are all hell for leather putting together 1000 point matched play armies as fast as our spare time and wallets will allow. I love the start collecting boxes Games Workshop keeps relea...

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AOS Destruction SpiderFang Grots Army Project Part 1: "The spider god calls my name"
With the overflow of people in my local club getting super pumped about AOS due to the fabulous generals handbook, I to have been caught up in the hype to bust out a fantasy army with round bases! One of my unrealized dreams was to run a Orcs and Goblins ar...

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Brothers Revenge 2 ElectricBoogaLoo 30k Horus Heresy Doubles Event!
So Yesterday was the second 30k event for the Warrior Lodge club here in sunny Brisbane, Australia. We have been working hard to bring a friendly and chilled atmosphere to the 30k scene and to the club as a general rule I finally finished painting my Scoria...
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