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Aurélien Ribon
Technology enthusiast, tool maker, game developer. Currently messing with Windows Phone and Android development.
Technology enthusiast, tool maker, game developer. Currently messing with Windows Phone and Android development.


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Spine will certainly be one of the most amazing tool for game developers. Stay tuned on their Kickstarter page, and a big enormous congratz to the authors!
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After seven months of development, we have finally launched our Kickstarter for spine. Please support us at You can also support us by sharing the link, the more people who know about it, the better!

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Truly amazing indie work!
In case if someone is interested how did I accomplish 3d model animations in Sokoban Garden 3D. I can say that I cocked them thanks to #UniversalTweenEngine , #libgdx , this tutorial from +Aurélien Ribon  (, and couple of thoughts from +Przemysław Müller on how to use this tutorial in 3d (opengles 2.0 and vertex shader).

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Yey! I managed to release the final version of #LibGDX  Project Setup v3.0!

To celebrate, I wrote a big blog post detailing everything that is to know about this application. Check it if you want to get bored quickly understand how updating a project works or to know more about the tool itself.

I hope it will be useful to bring more people to the awesomeness of libgdx!

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Little animated gif of the latest version of #LibGDX Project Setup. I don't think that html5 videos can replace gifs anytime soon. Too many services only support the latter.
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Little demo of the SlidingLayout library for java swing UIs. There is also a demo without the images:

The library is available at Github:

Basically, it lets you very easily create transitions between two layouts of components in special panel. The layouts are based on a grid with sub-grids and fixed/flexible columns and rows.

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Worked all the weekend to finally complete the new release of gdx-setup-ui, the desktop application used to quickly setup a libgdx eclipse environment.

The application is now able to update your existing projects, it can:
  • add a new library to an existing project,
  • remove an unwanted library,
  • update a library to its latest version

Of course, third point is what you're looking for to update the libgdx jar files :)

Before releasing it officially in the master branch, I want people to test it, in order to remove any possible bug that could badly affect a project. The beta test started here:

Thanks for your time if you want to help :)
gdx-setup-ui 3 (beta)
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Feedback time :D

I made the biggest changes in history to gdx-setup-ui, and I'm desperately in need for user feedback.

Animated gif:

I'm trying a whole new approach to user interfaces based on panels and dialogs. Instead of showing the dialogs in front of the window, I made them common panels. To include them in the UI when needed, I built an animation system that can move the current panels outside to let other panels take their place.

Java (Swing) may not be the best platform to animate panel bounds due to its lack of hardware acceleration, but it works quite well anyway. Hitting a rock solid 60 fps is another story of course.

Please tell me what you thing of such application. Is that still usable?

Biggest updates from v2.0.2 to 3.0.0-alpha:
  * Sliding panels!
  * All downloads are now tracked by a download bar

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New tutorial written: "Beautifying the dialogs in Swing applications".

Swing is an old technology, but it is still capable of wonderful things once you master the beast. This tutorial focuses on the appearance of raw dialogs to enhance user interfaces, but also on tricks to enhance the user experience. UI and UX are sometimes hard to combine, but they are equally important though :)

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New update to LibGDX TexturePacker-Gui adds support for multiple packs in the same window. All packs of a game project can now be managed together!

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Wrote a new tutorial: "Animated Grass Using LibGDX"

It presents really basic concepts so it's aimed at beginner, but I would love to see more simple animations like that in everyone games, even if that's very "ios style" :p
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