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This week is ‪#‎DrinkingWaterWeek15‬, and we thought it only fitting to start it off with a little insight by Leonardo da Vinci.

Why do we care about safely disposing of our pharmaceuticals and personal care products? Because we care about ‪#‎cleanwater‬.


#SeaGrant   #ILLINOIS   #Water   #DrinkingWaterWeek15   #CleanWater  

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Federal court upholds Alameda County's medicine take-back ordinance - Rx for Action

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A BIG #ILLINOISwelcom  for our team to all of you!  We're excited for the school year to begin again, even if it does mean that traffic around campus becomes crazier than ever!  :)

The Unwanted Meds program, located in Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant, aims to provide outreach and education to communities on how to safely dispose of pharmaceuticals (unwanted, unused, expired, etc) and personal care products (PPCPs) to protect your family, pets, community, and the environment.

Find out more at!  And be a part of the conversation on Twitter (@UnwantedMeds). 

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For our current issue of #UpClose, we sat down and talked with +Gannon University's Dr. Steve Mauro about the impacts  pharmaceuticals and personal cared products (PPCPs) have on bacterial communities.  

"Our first PPCP study was a side project that became more 
because we were really interested to see how these chemicals influenced bacteria and viruses."

Click on the link below to find out more about Dr. Mauro, his research, how his partnership with our friends at #Pennsylvania Sea Grant got him interested in the field of PPCPs, and how YOU too can do your own research in this area!  


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Showing a little #tbt (throw back thursday) love and sharing a blog post from the archives: "Pharmaceutical research...what it isn't telling us".

From the post:
"Perhaps their most surprising discoveries had little to do with the results, but the process of conducting a study itself. For example, a closer look revealed that the findings of most studies cannot be reliably generalized to other water bodies, organisms, or even seasons."

To find out more about Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant's Unwanted Meds program and how you can help, go to or follow us on Twitter IISG UnwantedMeds!

Did you know that 70% of Americans now take prescription drugs compared to 48% five years ago?

Have you ever looked in your medicine cabinet and counted the number of prescription bottles that contain unused or expired medications?

On your next housecleaning/organizing day, collect those bottles and take them to your nearest drop-off location. You'll not only be keeping members of your family safe, but the environment safe as well.

To find the nearest drop off location, click the link below.

TAKE PART: Don't flush your meds!

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Congratulations are in order for our own Laura Kammin and Anjanette Riley who won a 2014 #APEX Award in 'Green Writing' for their #UpClose Interview with University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's #ecologist Dr. Rebecca Klaper.

#UpClose is an ongoing interview series highlighting the work of scientists on the front line of pharmaceuticals and personal care products (#ppcp) research.

An additional #APEX awards congratulations are in order for Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant members Jason, Sarah, and Pat in the category 'Green Campaigns' for their work on "Be a Hero, Transport Zero" campaign.

Great work, team! And to keep up on what is happening in #ppcp research, be sure to like or follow us here, and also check us out on Twitter IISG UnwantedMeds!!

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Ontarians returned 543 TONNES of #medications and #sharps to registered collection locations in 2013. 543 tonnes is about 1.2 MILLION pounds.

Here's a random bit of trivia to put the amount in perspective: the maximum takeoff weight of a Boeing 747-8 Freighter airplane is 985,000 pounds (this includes the weight of the plane + cargo).

Health Products Stewardship Association (HPSA) is responsible for setting up these locations and overseeing the Ontario Medications Return Program and the Ontario Sharps Collection Program. HPSA is funded entirely by the health products industries.

News Article:

HPSA's first annual report on the performance of the Ontario Medications Return Program and the Ontario Sharps Collection Program:
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